Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working out in your home/apt!

I have been working out in my apartment for almost 4.5 years.  I joined a gym once or twice but couldn't justify the bill when I could just do it from home.  First off, the best place to workout is outside!  Along with running I also live near a local track (not a high school track) which means it is there whenever I need it.  Not everyone has access to a track so sometimes I will go to a park with a basket ball court and do different plyo type exercises to change it up.

As far as working out inside my apartment this is the best set up I came up with.  Not always having tons of space you may have to get creative.  As you can see below I place my laptop on the table which will play my workout videos and on the TV I will usually watch the Today show (cuz I love it) or whatever else might be on.  Bachlorette??  I put my yoga mat on the floor and there you go!  Yes I admit sometimes it is not always the greatest but I don't have to worry about hopping on the train to get to my gym and then back home.  Takes way too much time, this way I can basically crawl out of bed, BLOG and then workout.

This is me doing my Tracy Anderson moves. I will do Tracy videos, P90x, Yoga, really any kind of workout video I can get my hands on will be done right here in front of my TV.

Another idea that you might try to look up is non-profit classes.  The place that I go to for yoga is called Hosh Yoga and it is non-profit.  There is a suggested $10 donation at the end but feel free to pay what you can.  I only need to go yoga once a week and I love this place.  Everyone is really chill and laid back.  No need to worry about being inflexible because everyone there is just happy to be there. So off to yoga I go....


Today I was starving when I got home and even tho it was lunch time I couldn't resist my cereal mix. Multigrain Cheerios, GrapeNuts and Granola with Almond Milk and sliced Banana.  Yum!  I could really eat cereal all day but I try to limit it to 1 bowl a day. maybe 2 :)

 Last night we were having perfect weather so Scott and I walked out to the pier. About 2 block from where we live.  I had him take a picture of me with the Williamsburg Bridge in the background.  That is the bridge I run over every time I go running.  It is about 1.25 miles over.  Most of the time I dread going up, especially at the end of my run and I have to get back over.  The Hill!  Arg, it is really a love hate thing. 

So even if you belong to the gym and just don't feel like making the track you can always always workout at home. 

Do you like working out from home?

What workout video is your favorite?

Cereal Mix? 



  1. I LOooOOoooove working out at home. I debated getting a gym membership when I moved to Boston (this winter was sooooo brutal!) but I'm glad I didn't bc I'm really not a gym person. How do you like the Tracy Anderson method? Worth the $$$?

    Love work out DVDs (and apps!) and I also love dropping into an occasional yoga class! And SOON I'll be running again! (heal thyself, knee!!)

  2. I haven't joined a gym either, I just don't think I will go lol I like being able to work out at home and I just run in my neighborhood.

  3. I really want to start doing more workouts at home. I belong to a gym, but I hate it and never go. Any particular DVDs you recommend for strength and/or flexibility training?

  4. LOVE your cute blog! I'm hooked on Jillian Michaels DVDs. It is quite the challenge in my TINY studio apartment, but its much better than paying for a super expensive gym

  5. I love working out both in a gym but also at home. I love doing cardio and core at home also I love doing yoga and pilates too! I just like the quietness of my home vs a studio!!! : )

  6. i love doing bodyrock workouts at home, they are killer~

  7. I love that I also LOVE the Today show, a little yoga, and cereal!

  8. IF I can't get a run or bike in, I'll just stick a workout dvd in and I'm good to go! I do a yoga dvd called Yoga Shakti, and I love it because it has some beginner stuff, but it's more focused towards low intermediate - advanced. The other one I do is 10 minute solutions "Pilates Perfect Body".

    What a cute apartment! :)

  9. I hate the gym so I either workout at the dojo, outdoors, or at home.

    I'm not crazy about working out at home but I'll do it if I can't go outside for some reason.

  10. Sarah- are those TOMS you have on? what color? Mine are brown ;)

  11. I used to be way into workout videos. I was all over "the Firm" in college and made room to do it a freshman dormroom - to the delight of my roommate and my now husband who had to drag the weights and stuff everywhere. Now I do a lot of stretching at home but running outside and unfortunately at the gym for other stuff. I used to be really into free weights but now I need machines. I love the non-profit idea thanks!

  12. I joined a gym when I was single because I really didn't have any expenses. It was just what I needed to get me going, but then when I got married, the schedule didn't work, and it felt expensive, I quit and now I work out from home.

    I have a treadmill too, so I can run during the winter AND to do videos from the comfort of my own home :).

  13. I need the gym. I feel guilty about the money I'm paying so I make myself go at least 4 times a week. I have tried working out at home - this usually results in hours of sitting with my laptop looking for new and exciting DVDs, playing them once, then shopping for more. Also an expensive hobby and not actually much working out! I envy your willpower for doing workouts at home. x


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