Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I started my Monday with 8x400s with a 200 RI.  I ran a nice slow mile or so warm up over to the track. I was feeling a little case of the Mondays so I was tired.  I got up around 6 AM but did not make it out until almost 8:30!  So it was getting hot.  I have decided to aim for a 47 min 10k which would put me right in between where I was last year and what my goal is.  I followed the 5k chart from the Run Less Run Faster book and that would put me at a 22:30 5k time.  Which means I should run my 400's at 1:39.  You can see my splits below, my first 400 was at split 3.  It was  my lap to see how fast I needed to go so that one came in at 1:42 after that I tried my hardest to stay right around 1:39.  It was hard to be consistent, something I will need to work on.  Oh and after my 400 I walked my 200.  I was tired and needed to catch my breath.  Time to get me into shape!!

This was me after I got home.  Sweatin' hot and ready for some cold water a-sap!  They have drinking fountains at the track but as soon as the weather gets hot so does the water.  I took a few sips here and there when I walked my 200 but kept thinking about an ice cold glass when I got home.

Since I was jonesin' for something cold I made myself a smoothie.

Almond Butter

Aaahhh finally sitting down, enjoying my smoothie and beginning the day with some great blog reading!


Tuesday- Tracy Anderson Method
Wednesday(today) Tempo 1 miles warm up, 3 miles @ 7:32 pace, 1 miles cool down -Will recap on     Saturday's post!
Thursday- Yoga and Tracy
Friday- Long Run 7 miles at goal pace
Saturday- Tracy

Question?!?!  I really want to buy some great speed shoes.  I was thinking about the Nike Frees but am not sure.  Do guys have any suggestions about  what your favorite speed shoes are?  Not for distance but strictly for speed!



  1. Kudos on the 400s! Great job! I find speedwork intimidating but the more I see my blogging pals doing it, the less scary it seems to be. Sadly, I have no advice on speed shoes but I can't wait to hear what other people have to say. I do have one question of own, which is do you like your blender? Mine can't even handle a frozen strawberry, much less ice, so I never get to make any good smoothies and I really want to.

  2. Nice job, speedy! Anything under 1:40 400s looks scary haha. I don't have speed shoes, but I've been semi considering it lately so can't wait to see what you decide on!

  3. ummmm wow!! so speedy!! and I feel like you were very consistent! just a few seconds off at the most! AWESOME!!! I have been looking into some kinvaras...but I have not decided yet either!

  4. Awesome workout! I have been wanting to get some speed shoes as well. Let me know what you find out. has some great deals right now on competition shoes.

  5. I'm with Emily... in that post run picture, you look like a beast! Awesome!

  6. Love the post-run picture--FIERCE to the extreme.

    YAY for smoothies post-workout :D

  7. Great job on the speedwork! I need to force myself to do more of that, even though I don't have a track nearby.

  8. Looooooove 400 repeats. Don't know why. Maybe I'm reliving my college track days?? Or maybe I'm just a masochist.

    That smoothie is drool-worthy.

    I know most shoe brand have a lighter 5K shoe for faster races... I've wanted Frees but I'm not sure they're necessarily for speed work/speedy races but more 'bare-foot running' phenom? I have no idea, though. Please blog about it if you find a pair you love!

  9. Awesome workout! I am sad, my blender broke and I refuse to buy one before we move in 9 days and I feelt like everyone had a smoothies this morning!


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