Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Before and After with a Salad

Do you remember last Saturday when I told you I bought these Nike shorts for my marathon.  Well I tested them out to see if they ride up too much.  I bought the 5" length ones and I LOVE them!  I had never ran in tight shorts like these so I was hesitant.  But as I got going they felt great.  Almost as if I had nothing on, but in a comfortable way.

I will say that they did ride up a little but not enough to make me think that my bum cheeks were showing.  Thank goodness! I also really wanted to test them, so I never pulled them down once and as you can see from my pictures they hardly moved up.  So yep, these are the winners.  My sisters and I are all running in the same outfit!  We will show you the rest of it later.  Can't wait! Only 9 more days till RACE DAY!!

A little over a month ago I wanted to pump up my veggie intake so I made up my own food rule/guideline/diet.  It is called the salad once a day diet.  I try my very hardest to eat a salad once a day.  Simple as that.  I would say that it is going pretty well and I have about a 95% success rate.  The trick is that you have to mix up the ingredients.  I usually buy the Taylor's organic salad mixes.  At first I was really into the herb salad mix but now I have moved onto the the baby spring mix.  I will seriously throw whatever I have in my fridge into my salad.  Some days are better than others but I will say eating my greens everyday helps me feel so much better!! (and I change up the dressing, but always remember to take it easy on the dressing or it just defeats the purpose)

If I am really not feeling a salad I will make a salad mix(this case, with tuna) and just put it on some bread to make an open faced sandwich.

I am in charge of doing activities for the kids in our church and so last night we headed to the park for some games and I brought fruit salad to munch on.  The kids loved it!  No I don't really count this as my greens for the day but I definitely love eating fruit in the summer.  Plus I think it tastes like you are eating dessert when you are eating fruit salad.

The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast.  We played Red Rover.  Do you remember that game?

Workout Breakdown
Monday- 5 miles easy
Tuesday-4 miles easy
Wednesday- Yoga and Tracy Anderson
Thursday- 5 miles easy
Friday- Tracy Anderson
Saturday- 8 miles easy

Anyone else getting ready for a race? 

Do you guys give yourself rules or guidelines that you have to follow for your diet?
- Me, I actually hate dieting but I am really liking this salad rule. Something else that I am weird about  is muffins!  I won't eat them.  I mean MAYBE sometimes if I made them and I know what is in the muffin but otherwise I have this thing against them.  The funny part is that I will eat bagels and ice cream no prob.

Do you have a favorite salad? 
-I was super impressed with Gourmet Runner because she found a way to put PB in her salad!  Awesome!



  1. I think that is SO cool that you and your sisters are wearing the same outfit on race day! how fun! glad the shorts worked out :)

    I like the salad a day rule...I have been trying to sneak more salads into my diet as well. I am totally the same way too---I just throw on top whatever I can find! haha!

    Awesome workouts this week! Have a good day!

  2. I love having a salad a day!! I try to eat as many veggies as possible. I just feel better when I do!!

  3. I need to check out those shorts. I always wore the tighter shorts like that but then they started chaffing because they would ride up so I started wearing the running shorts. And well, they still chaff (I now use Body Glide).

    I stopped looking at that style, but will rethink it now. I love salads because you can really put anything on them.

  4. I'm loving your salad a day rule. I usually end up with one every day in the summer no problem, since it's so hot out. But in the winter it might be harder for me.
    And yes, my only real skill at the moment is being able to incorporate as much PB as possible into my life.

  5. Good to know about those shorts! I'm going to start training for a marathon soon and need better running gear. I was looking into running skirts..have you ever used those?

  6. So glad the shorts are working for you. I wore my first pair of short, tight padded shorts this weekend for a bike ride and it wasn't as - I dunno - 'awful' as I thought. Heh.

  7. Love the salad day rule!! Love the shorts!

  8. Love the shorts and excited to see what you gals picked for the rest of the outfit.
    I teach in a school that has a pretty low socio-economic status- anyway, my kids LOVE fruit and I bring it in when I can for them. It's sad, but fresh fruit isn't always cheap and it's like a treat to them!

  9. Love those shorts and love your blog! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog because I was able to find your blog. :)

    I love that you and your sisters are running a marathon together. How awesome are you guys! The fruit salad looks delicious. Yum!

    Can't wait to follow you! Wooohoo!!

  10. You look fantastic!! May have to check out those shorts. Summer is so salad/sandwich season! :)

    Good luck on your mary! So close!!!

  11. So excited for all of you to run Grandma's!

    And those shorts look great on you!

  12. I love the salad a day rule too! My sister is fit as anything, and inspires me to keep going. I love reading about you and yours! So glad to connect. :)

  13. Ooh! You are in taper time!! Are you getting excited? Smart move to try out the outfit for your race before hand...
    I love the 5 inch length shorts too. Cute!
    Also- i love to get a salad a day as well...Always feels better. Plus Lots of protein. :)
    Thanks for finding my blog!

  14. You look so strong in those pictures! Love the running outfit :)


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