Monday, June 27, 2011

Calories need to be burned this week....

So far on this trip I have done nothing but 1. Run the marathon and 2. EAT. That pretty much sums it up. I am getting very anxious to start running more normal miles this week and hopefully adding a few more veggies to my diet.

This week my plan is to run approx. 20-25 miles at least. Although my running group guru says I can go no more then 30. I am fine with that, but this is what is happening in my mind. 

I just spend the last 4 months gaining mileage and building all of this endurance and if I lose it all from this recovery I am going to Bleep da bleepity bleep!  

Does anyone else out there feel this way?  BUT, I have learned that my guru is pretty much always right regardless of what my opinion is so I will what he says =)

Moving on.

Todays Workout: run 5 Miles easy with my sweet sista' Heather.  

I love working out together and because it doesn't happen too often we try to make the most of it when we are together. This pic below is of Heather and I at Matt's Bar.  If you ever want to come to MN and eat somewhere that literally has the BEST burger (the birth place and original home of the Juicy Lucy) in the world come here. You will not be disappointed.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the burger....too busy devouring it. But, I will say that it was worth every bite.  It cannot be beaten. For any of you foodie's out there it was featured in this months Food Network magazine. It is really and truly that good.

Next on the Agenda, Tuesdays workout.  Swim, swim, swim! I have a Sprint Tri in 1 month and I have done nothing to get ready for it.  So.... Tuesday I will be swimming. I am going to time myself in an 525m swim and then do a swimming speed workout probably... whose with me?!

Speaking of swimming, this picture is of Heather and I hanging out by the pool at my parents house.  I am currently reading the book, Born to Run.  Have you read it?  Well, I am only on page 9 and I am already hooked.  You can't say something like this:

"She handed him a gourd full of murky liquid. He swallowed a few gulps, and was amazed to feel new energy pulsing through his veins. He got to his feet and scaled the peak like an over-caffeinated Sherpa."(pg 4) 

And not want to get to the bottom of the story.  Any murky beverage whether it be fictional or not that can cause that kind of energy is something any runner is interested in reading about I am sure.

Anywhoo, as this blog post drags on... after the pool I went in and decided to do the next best thing I do while visiting home and that is cook dessert! Last week it was banana madness. So this time I thought I'd try something different.  Below is a Chocolate Shortbread Cookie in the making, and yes that is all butter. Another reason I will be pushing for that 30 miles this week.....

And this pic is of a Rice Pudding. My dad LOVES rice pudding so I thought why not, that goes with Shortbread I think. =)

And the final Combo.....tah dah =) Rice pudding with a Chocolate Shortbread cooke and fresh strawberries on top.  It was delicious.  My Dad and Mom both loved it. double score.

Wednesdays workout: 7 Miles easy.  I am hoping Heather will join me again and if the weather isn't too shabby we can take some pictures of our hometown to show you all the sights.  There are some stairs here that give you one AMAZING workout.  They are so intense that they have races just based off the stairs! It is crazy.  Anyways,  Stay tuned.

Oh and P.S. I went out and ran 5 easy miles on Friday last week and I have one word to describe how my legs felt. lead.  I am hoping this week feels a little better....

Good Monday and Happy Running All -Jen


  1. Wow - a sprint tri?! That's amazing. I can't remember the last time I was able to go out for an "easy" 7 miles!

    Those chocolate shortbread cookies look AMAZING. I definitely want to try those out!

  2. How was I not following your blog before?? Major oversight on my part :)

    I felt lead legs post marathon and last month's ultra for about a week and a half, then I felt back to normal.

  3. Love that I am gripping my Diet Moutain Dew. Just for the record I had a major headache and needed the caffeine..

  4. Rice pudding looks AMAZING!!

  5. Looks like you guys are having a blast without me... j/k :)

    Food looks great Jen and Heather, Haha you crack me up. Yes it looks like you are pretty protective of your dew. And I love the lulu pants!! Buying mine soon.

    Oh and looks like you girls are getting nice and tan.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  7. My legs feel like lead more than they feel good lately. That is probably not a good thing.

    Enjoy your time with your parents and family! you will have plenty of time to get back on track once you get home. The dessert looks delicious!

  8. Congrats on the marathon! That is such an achievement! I would love to some day run one, and like you I worry about losing my shape with recovery! You seem really smart with training, etc though!

  9. I know how you feel about "losing your endurance", but the guru is right, a proper amount of rest is needed! Enjoy the downtime of your training :)

  10. Sprint tri's are fun because you don't have to get crazy ready for them. So, I'm sitting here, just finished eating lunch and now I'm ready for a burger and some of that dessert! Yummy!

  11. Thanks for stopping by the blog! I love your blog...I have three little sisters, and it is great that you guys share a love for working out and cooking together!

  12. I jsut finished Born to Run abouta month ago. Its a great book; I hope you like it.

  13. Listen to your guru! Rather rest a bit than injure yourself. Sprint tri coming up too? You impress me woman!
    And Jen--I'm with you on cross training. Virtually kick my butt if you see my miles going up and my poor little arms getting weak!

  14. I want a guru! Where can I get one of those? ;-)

  15. Yep. I know that feeling. Keeping the miles down but still eating like you're running 50+ miles a week? It's okay, though... you'll burn it all off!

    That rice pudding looks ridic good.

  16. I'm tapering at the moment for the half marathon on the weekend and I am definitely not enjoying this no long run thing. Can't wait to get out on Sunday and do the 13.1 miles and then get back into some speed training for the 10k races I am doing later in the year :)
    I loved Born to Run! Whenever I lose running inspiration I pick it up and open up to a random page. Then stick my sneakers on and go!

  17. I feel you on the rest period. I feel like I lost it so quickly. Alas, I am no expert so you should prob stick to listening to your guru :)

    That rice pudding looks amazing. Send me some - and a burger too while you're at it :)

    p.s. - The RLRF plan is tough, but kinda fun! I like a challenge. It's different than the other training I've done (which is put on your shoes and go run as far and as fast as you want). ha.

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm loving your blog - full of inspiration. Cheers Sammy


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