Saturday, June 25, 2011

Run Less Run Faster

After getting back home from MN I was immediately thrown into work mode.  Which means quick dinners.  This is one of my favorites and takes less then 15 mins.  Big bowl of yogurt topped with granola, banana, blackberries and a drizzle of honey.  Scott and I will share the yogurt and then I also made egg in a whole wheat basket.  I love these!  They are so easy and a great mix of your carbs and protein.   Perfect for any night of the week or a quick breakfast.

Moving on, I bought this Breath Wrap from Lululemon while I was home in MN and it is my most favorite purchase ever.  I love, love it.  It is great to throw on over your workout clothes or whatever you are wearing that day.  Seriously the perfect accessory for all occasions. 

Now onto the Run Less Run Faster book.  On July 17th I will begin my training for the NYC marathon.  I am already really excited.  This will really be my first marathon that I will be training for speed.  Unlike Jen, speed and me are not as close.  But I would really like to get into Boston as well as run a 3:30 marathon!  I only need to run 3:40 to get in but something about me is that I really like to aim much higher than realistically predicted :)  I am also really laid back and chill so if I don't reach my goal I am still happy with what I have achieved and take it into my next race.

So currently my PR is 3:54, this was a marathon that I just logged miles for and not really hitting on speed.  Since then I have gotten faster but after my 8 month sabbatical I feel like I am still getting my legs back.  Run Less Run Faster seems like the best plan for me to get my butt back into gear.  If you read the book you will now that you run 3x a week, which will consist of all speed and tempo work.  So I guess speed and me are going to have to learn to get along for the next few months.

After looking at the predicted time for races, I should be able to run a 10k at 45:41.  My last 10k was over a year ago and I came in at 49:11.  So as you can tell I have some major work to do.  45:41 would be to achieve a 3:30 marathon.  So I signed up for the Boomer's Cystic Fibrosis 10k in Central Park on July 9th.  This will give me a good idea of what I need to work on.  Number 1 is that I need to sign up for more races to get my racing game on but also learn more about my body.

I don't expect to run it in 45:41 but I am going to strive for a middle ground between 45-49 mins.  I am also going to go ahead and start a 3x a week speed drills.  I think I may be able to get in around 6 speed workouts before the race.

This is a rough idea of what my next couple of weeks workout schedule will be.  I am hoping to start Saturday(today) but I am writing this Friday night and we might head out to go camping.  If that is the case I may just have to wait till Monday.

Saturday 24th= Long Run @ goal pace ( no more than 6 miles, 1 mile warm up with 4 at GP and 1 cool down mile)

Sunday 26th=REST
Monday 27th = Track repeats
Tuesday-= Tracy Anderson XT
Wednesday= Tempo Run
Thursday=Tracy and Yoga
Friday=Long Run @goal pace (no more than 7 miles)

Sunday 3rd=REST
Monday 4th= Track Repeats
Tuesday= Tracy Anderson XT
Wednesday= Tempo Run
Thursday=  Tracy and Yoga

I will be blogging about how it is going as well as more details of what each workout is.

Have you ever trained with the Run Less Run Faster book?  They say you can get 19-24 mins faster!

What did you like or not like about it?

Any tips for speed etc?



  1. I don't like speed either! I'm definitely more of a slow and steady/run for 4 hours type of person. I really want to get faster but am terrified of speed work. I am so interested in this book and I can't wait to hear how you improve.

    I love that Lulu wrap. Everything from there is gorgeous. It looks amazing on you!

  2. I bought the book but I haven't been following it closely. I only run three times a week though but I heavily rely on cross training since I do triathlons as well

  3. I'm actually currently reading the book and while I would love to use a training plan from it, they are a little longer than I would like to maybe next year!

  4. Speed work is KEY to a PR in any race. When I was doing regular speed work, I ran my fastest marathon (3:29) and I totally chalk it up to speeeeeeedy work on the track. Plus, I was extra toned when I was doing speed work, too. All good things.

  5. I've never read that book - it looks great though, I'm sure you'll be able to do it! The Lulu wrap is so cute!

  6. I read the book, and Im so interested in it, but I feel much better when I run most days, and I'm not sure if I would enjoy three speed days a week! My first marathon is in November, so I think I'll just log the miles for this one. Maybe the next one focus on speed!

  7. My husband Chris always uses the FIRST training plans and he PRed using it. (he was also doing p90x to tone muscle while running 3xweek.) I think it's good to do many of your long runs (or the last part of your long runs) at marathon pace. Excited for you!

  8. Breath wraps are my FAVE--and I never knew that's what they were called! ...And I haven't read Run Less Run Faster book yet, but I've been hearing about it a lot lately, so I might have to pick it up. I definitely want to improve my running (then maybe I'd blog more about it!)

  9. Eggs in a basket are so good!! They are a childhood favorite :D

  10. I was looking at this book recently. Since I'm lazy and like to cut corners, it really called to me. Right now I'm just focusing on getting in some mileage and doing my first half and after that, maybe I'll do some Run Less, Run Faster work!

  11. I love your training plan. I have no idea how to plan a daily/weekly schedule like that. right now I just kinda wing it and run or strength train whenever I think and through in a track speed workout here and there. how do you find/make a specific plan for your goals? (like lets say I want to run a 25 min 5k) I've only been really running for 3 months so I'm very practical!

    ps I loooove your blog. you sisters are awesome. keep up the good work. I LOVE all the food info, tips, encouragement, reviews, pictures...Everything one wants in a running blog! love it, girls!

    jessicaikiehn at yahoo dot com

  12. I have so many books that I want to read and that is one of them, but right now I just don't have the time... come on summer class be done already!

  13. i have that book and the track workouts ROCKED. they really helped me get faster! sadly the BQ times changed from that book though!


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