Monday, June 13, 2011

Check it out! I WON something awesome =)

Saturday night I went to the Redline Running Club's bi-annual potluck and WON the ROTHY =) 

Redline Runner
Year Award!!

I can't believe it.  I am not quite sure why they picked me.... but they did and it made my whole day! I won something and I have the totally awesome shorts to prove it.  I plan on putting these puppies on and debuting them shortly.... stay tuned.

Thanks Redliners. Our club is amazing.  The peeps I train with are super motivating, inspirational and very fun to be around.  We all share a total obsession with running and have been able to build a support system through this club.  We really are a team and I just couldn't be happier.  YAY to our coaches Josh,  Doug, and Kim for putting up with all my crap and making me realize that I can be better.

Below is a lot of my fellow Redliners right after our Predict a 5k workout.

For the predict a 5k workout each individual picks a time that they will complete the 5k in.  We are not allowed to wear watches, music, or anything else that might give us a sense of what pace we are running.  All we get is to listen to our breathing and hope that through all of this training our bodies can recognize what pace we have chosen.  We weren't allowed to pick our actual 5k pace either.  Seeing as how I have the marathon coming up in 1 week, I chose my marathon pace.  Some chose what they would consider there 10k pace and others just picked a pace they figured they could feel.  And so as results went, the person who was the closest to there designated pace won, and the furtherest away lost. It was way fun and I highly recommend doing one on your own every so often to see how in tune you are with what pace is what.  Great workout =)

Also, I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to my brother James.  I sucked him into coming coming to Lifetime with me for 1 week to show him how crazy hard the classes were. So because he loves me he agreed and although Barbell and Total Conditioning kicked both are A**'s (literally, these classes are tough) he ROCKED it.  I was proud to be his little sis. 

So James, you are joining right =) 

This Pic was taken right after Total Conditioning class.  We were wiped out. Apparently doing 150-200 pushups with variations that include loads of mountain climbers, bear crawls, jumps, lunges, leaps, turns, body bars, bands....and the list goes on and on will wear you out.

and P.S. my Friday Night BBQ chicken sandwiches were delish.  Sweet potato, watermelon and roasted green beans for sides.... I love food.

Anyone else out there in a running club?

If so, have you ever won anything as cool as these shorts!?!

Who else is running Grandmas? We'd love to meet up!

What is your favorite Carbo loading meal? and why?

Anyone have a gym class that is crazy hard?

I find they are few and far between but for some reason I am lucky enough to live right next to the Lifetime fitness that employs a lot of there regional peeps including instructors.  These people are the ones they send out to train all the others.  I feel lucky.

Happy Running - Jen


  1. Those shorts are awesome! Congrats on winning, they must love you as much as all of us readers do!
    That class sounds insane--I hardly ever go to classes in my gym but I obviously should.

  2. Congrats!! I wish I was running Grandma's...but I will be thinking of you 3! Also- are you going for a PR?

  3. Maia, I wish you were running Grandmas as well. It would be awesome to meet you. I am going for a PR. Heather and Sarah are running together and just going to see how it all goes whether they PR or not, but I will be running for a PR. I struggle a lot with my mind and giving up when the going gets tough so hopefully this time around I will do better. Wish me luck!

    p.s. a friend of mine was listening to some people chatting about marathons the other day and she said that someone said they always carry there own water after what happened to them at Grandmas......

    When you have ran grandmas do they have water stations where they said they would and such? I am wondering if I need to just carry my own.

  4. Congratulations! That's awesome..and those shorts are BOMB!! haha. I never use that term...but it's definitely appropriate for those. ;)

  5. Those shorts are great! They look like they'll be wonderful running shorts!

  6. Um love those shorts! How awesome. I really love the concept of the predict your 5k. I really want to try that because I absolutely love the idea.

    Congrats on winning and have a great week!

  7. Wow, congrats! Those shorts are crazy! :)

  8. I have never seen those shorts before! You are going to get tons of attention in your next race wearing those!!! Congrats, winning is fun. duh.

  9. Congrats on the award. NICE! I wish I had a running club like that and I love that workout, cool!

  10. Holy awesome shorts!!! WOW! congrats!!
    Looks like a fabulous summer weekend. Food tastes better outside, doesn't it?!!

  11. Friday night dinner looks SUPER good!! I've grown to like BBQ chicken. :)

  12. That is awesome that you won! Way to go, you deserve it! I am soooooo jealous of those shorts too. I think I am in love with them.

  13. I'm so jealous that right after I move Josh creates a running club. Jealous but happy that it's such a hit and of course I'm jealous because you have Lifetime. Tell Scott Hi for me!! Good luck at Grandma's!!! You are going to be so awesome!!
    (see all those !!!!'s it is a sign of good things)


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