Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Week To Go!

We are on the final countdown until Grandma's Marathon!  Woot! Woot!  And better yet I will see my sisters in less than one week.  We are all getting so pumped.  In fact the marathon sleep syndrome, which is what I like to call it has already begun.  It actually started this morning.  I woke up at 4 am, and my first thought was the race.  Then I woke up again at 6:30, first thought was the race.  I would say it is different then in the past because this will be my first race running with friends/sisters.  Plus I am not going for a PR.  I am strictly running to have a blast!  It is kind of a huge relief not having to worry about my time.  I decided that I will shoot for a PR this fall when I run NYC.

Isn't this picture rad!  This was in March when I went cruising with my sisters in the Caribbean.  Jen is on the far left, then Heather and then me.  That is actually the order of our age, in case anyone was wondering...Jen is the oldest then Heather, then me.

AND we received our very first ever ATTrio GIFT!!  I was so pumped when Scott's Aunt Karen sent us these.  (Well I am not technically sure if she is his Aunt, but somehow they are related and I married Scott which means I am adopted in :)) Anyways, Karen is a super awesome runner and has given us so much advice!  It has been super helpful.  Sad part is she lives in Southern California so I never get to run with her.  I like to call her my Long Distance Coach.  Scott and I hope to get out there soon for a visit.  So THANK YOU Karen!!!  We are so excited about these and can't wait to run and take pictures in them next week.  Oh and she also sent me Coach's Oats. (Just for me, I am not sharing) Have you guys tried them??  They are soo soo good.

Last but not least, when I was in Cape May over Memorial Day Weekend Scott and I went to a craft fair.  At the craft fair was the A+H Bracelet Girls.  They made a sold friendship bracelets.  They were way cool and I was super impressed by their business skills.  I mean these girls were about 10-12 years old and they already had business cards?!  These ladies are going places that is for sure.  Anyways, Scott and I loved them so we each bought one for ourselves.  Later that day I was thinking these are so cool and Jen and I had discussed earlier how it would be nice to get something for all three of us Trio to wear.  I thought these bracelets would be perfect.  So as so as I got home I looked up their website and contacted the girls.  I had them make us matching braclets for the race.  I sent them our ATTrio colors and they were ecstatic to make them.

I just received them in the mail yesterday!  Are they not the coolest things ever?!  I can't wait to wear them.  PS I love friendship bracelets so much that I am pretty sure these will stay on my wrist till the end of the summer :)  Thanks Girls!!

After my 8 miles today Scott and I are heading to the UWS to visit his family and then to buy a new goldfish.  I am also hoping to stop into 16handles for some fro yo!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Have ever tried Coach's Oats?
-They really are the best!

Did you ever make/wear friendship bracelets growing up?
-I made them all the time when I was a kid.

Have you ever run a race just for fun?  No PR intended?
-Grandma's will be my first.



  1. I love this blog, I love that three sisters can be as close as you all are. Grandma's is going to be a race for the books!

  2. Woot Woot! YAY I am so excited. =)

    I am off to yoga, my rear is on FIRE from my total conditioning class yesterday.......

  3. That's so cute you guys are going to match during your race! I ran the Nike women's half in San Fran for fun and not time. I knew the setting would be too pretty and too many hills to bother!

  4. How awesome that the three of you can race together! Running gifts are the best ever!!

  5. Good luck and have a great time at Grandma's Marathon! I've heard great things about the event and look forward to your race report. It is on my list of marathons to do :)

  6. I've never tried Coach's oats!!

    Good luck with your upcoming race!! You'll ROCK it.

  7. Dang--How was yoga? I should have joined you.

    I am soooo excited for the three of you. You are all going to be amazing!

  8. Ok what are these coach's oats

  9. I still wear friendship bracelets during the summer. I don't care how old you are, there's just something about wearing one that makes the summer that much better. I also wear a ton of braided hemp jewelery during the summer.

  10. Good luck!! I've never tried those oats. Oh yes, I made friendship bracelets all the time!

  11. love coaches oats! and one week?? WOW< you got this!

  12. Good luck with the marathon glad our oats can help fuel you! Thanks to Aunt Karen for sharing them with you too :)

  13. I love running races for fun. Last year I ran the Delaware Half with my younger sister and had a great time. It was her first half and I was so proud of her. Our other sister cheered us on from the sidelines with my nephews. It was a great day. Hope your marathon day is fun!


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