Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Day of Summer Break

Summer.  Now that the kids are done with school, and since we have downsized to an apartment for the summer, our first day of summer break was spent at my mom's house.  There was no workout for me this morning.  Nothing.  It kind of sucked.  But I really want to rest my knee so that I am ready to go on Saturday.  My wonderful mother made the kids play dough as something to do in the morning.  Then we went to the park (forgot to take a picture) and then the afternoon was spent in the pool (forgot to take a picture again!) 

But my dinner was super good.  We decided that since it was the first day of break we should have a bonfire and cook hot dogs and brats.  Don't worry; I tried to find the most natural hot dogs I could find.  Same with the brats.  Sabrina and I whipped up some mozzarella, onion, and tomato skewers.  We wanted to add basil but the stuff that was in the fridge just didn't look up to par.
Here is the finished product.  A little drizzle of EVOO, some balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste.  They were good.
While we where making those this is what was going on outside.  All the kids helping Grandpa get ready to start the fire.  I am not sure if that looked super safe to me the way my oldest was riding but Grandpa assured me she was fine.
Here was dinner.  I would not allow myself to put chips on my plate.  If I didn't work out today then for sure no chips... ok ..ok... I did have a few out of the bag but none touched my plate.  That self discipline made me feel much better about eating the brat with cheese.  The watermelon was super good so I just kept eating that.
Then no bonfire would be complete without a S'more.  I had one and it was divine.  Those are just so good. Well that was it for today.  Went home and put the kids to bed.

Thinking that I am going to go for a long walk tomorrow.  I really need to be resting my knee but the thought of going all week without doing anything is already killing me and it has only been one day.  I am getting a massage tomorrow which I am stoked about.  My good friend Diane recommended a guy that will really get my legs ready for the big race.

Who doesn't just love a good S'more?!

Anyone else get a massage before a big event?  I also am getting my knee taped on Thursday.  Same guy is doing it, and he says that it will really help.  Anyone else had that done??  If so please share!!! Will it work??


  1. I've never taped a knee, but I used to tape my butt when I had a piriformis strain. I've also done my shins and IT band with great success. With the tape I could keep running pain free. The only bad part is pulling it off later (I have delicate skin). I actually have my husband tape me up at home using KT Tape and their instructional videos.

  2. oh my, that looks so good! I am in total summer mode too, even though my oldest isn't finished with school until next week.

    I have had great success with KT Tape, I taped my hamstring before my marathon last fall, I had pulled it before the race, and thanks to the tape, I was able to complete it!

  3. Good luck at your marathon this weekend! I hope you have a great time!

  4. That looks like a seriously fun day. I want those skewers for lunch!

  5. You definitely have some constraint girl! No chips is a hard feat at an outing like that!

  6. Looks like a fun day! I absolutely love summer and smores. Yum!

    I know it is hard to rest but it will be so worth it come saturday. you can do it!

  7. I miss your parent's house in the summer... they have it going on!
    My pt taped my foot when it was really sore, and it worked wonders!

  8. What an awesome day! Those kids are the cutest!

  9. That skewer with tomato looks pretty darn good. I think I stopped scrolling and reading and just stared at the pic for too long :)

  10. I adore s'mores! You should try them with a good smear of peanut butter. So delicious!


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