Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free Concerts and Getting Through My Day

During the summer Brooklyn puts on FREE concerts at the East River Park which is only 2 blocks from where we live.  It is great!  They are not always great bands but still fun to go to and even if we don't feel like it when can hear them from our windows. So this Saturday was Coheed and Cambria.  They were alright, we only stayed about 15 mins but it felt good to get out.

Monday - 4.01miles in 33:36
Tuesday - 3.02 miles in 26:32 + Tracy Anderson Disc 2
Wednesday - Yoga
Thursday- Fly to MN!!
Friday- Easy 1-2 miles
Saturday- 26.2

Today I was feeling pretty good but around 11:00 I was feeling low.  I think it is because my breakfast was weak and that will throw me off all day unfortunately.  But there was all sorts of happenings going on around my street today.  It was all blocked off for shooting.  Which means I had to find a new place to park my car.  Never fun.  Anyways it was a pretty big set, they had about 4 whole city blocks marked off.  I guess they were filming a new HBO series called "Girls."

But even before this all went down there was some kind of fight on the corner.  As I left to go for my run this morning there was a group of hipsters just hanging out on the corner.  Because it was still early I knew that they had yet to see their beds.  Not an uncommon thing here in NYC since the bars stay open till 4 AM.  Anyways sometimes you can just feel it when there is going to be trouble and I knew there would be.  As I got back things still seemed low key and sure enough about 10 mins after I got inside I looked out the window and there were tons of cops.  People getting arrested and some guy with his head bleeding.  Pretty eventful for my Tuesday morning!!

Ok now back to me being low on energy... I desperately needed some healthy food groups and just was not feeling a salad today.  So I did the next best thing.  Spinach smoothie!

1/2 of greek yogurt
Tbs of Almond butter
Smidgen of Skim Milk (I am out of almond milk :( )

Blend and Voila! 
A great way to get in your servings of fruits and veggies! (I know there is a lot of green going on in my kitchen, it is not by choice.  This is a rental people:))

Because I didn't want to use all the yogurt in my smoothie I just poured the rest over my berries and stuck it in the fridge.  It will make a great snack later.

So after I was so happy about getting my Coach's Oats (I have been eating them almost every morning, and I didn't today which is probably why I felt so crappy) I realized that I do not have a good microwave bowl.  I don't use the microwave that much so I never really thought anything about it but now that I am back on, the bowl I was using was unacceptable.  It was plastic and when you took it out it was always burning hot!  Bad!  So I stopped into my favorite kitchen store Fishs Eddy to get a new bowl!

This is my awesome new fish bowl!!  Oh and I do have regular cereal bowls but my oatmeal always over flows so that is why I needed a bigger one.

Well I made it through the day without passing out, my husband Scott even came home early (to work even more, lame) so we ordered pizza from Forninos.  It was delicious!

Tomorrow is laundry, work and PACKING!
I am not excited about the laundry part but it has to be done.  Then the packing should be fairly simple because I can fit everything into my carry on.  But I can't forget my Garmin Charger, Ipod shuffle, Gu's Shoes, Running gear etc!

Woohoo I can't wait!

Anyone else running a race this weekend?

What is your favorite thing in a smoothie?
I really wanted to put in Muscle Nog protein powder but we already ran out :(



  1. I am OBSESSED with green smoothies! I usually make mine with spinach, almond milk, banana, and hemp protein! If the banana isn't sweet enough yet, I'll throw in 1-2 dates too! So yummy.

  2. Ha! Cooheed and Cambria have a song on Rock Band that I like to play. I wouldn't have known who they were otherwise. :-)

    Fave thing in a smoothie - frozen bananas! I love my smoothies thick so I can eat them with a spoon.

    Oh, and that fish bowl is super cute.

  3. That smoothie looks amazing! You are so right, in NYC you can totally tell when bad things are going to happen. I had that this morning on the way to work. Some guy was sleeping on the whole bench of subway seats and another guy wanted him to move. You totally knew a fight was going to break out so I hustled to the other side of the car.

  4. I love blackberries in my smoothies. I really should get back to drinking them. I have been off them for awhile and that is not good!

  5. I'm not running a race this weekend, but I am doing a 10K next weekend! I am super excited because it's my first 10K :)

  6. I've heard that Coach's oats are REALLY good!! I wish I could find them.

    Mmmm, that smoothie looks SUPER good!!

  7. My dad lives in Queens so I know exactly what you're talking about! You never know what you'll find in NYC :)

    The Coaches Oats I might have to try! Where di you get them??

  8. Awwwww good luck! I am so excited for you girls and can't wait to hear all about it. I have never been to NYC but I am sure there is never a dull moment.

  9. Whaaaaat, Coheed is fantastic to see live. They are such great musicians!! B

    One of my favorite things to sneak into a berry fruit smoothy is a bit of yogurt and cucumbers. Yogurt for the creamy protein and cucumbers (or peas) for a bit of veggies. They grind up nice and almost taste like watermellon.


  10. Thanks for following me! Did you just say that Coheed & Cambria were "alright" and that you left after 15 minutes? lol I've seen them like 4 times and they are one of my favorite bands. Love the passion and energy, and the mosh pit is always going crazy when they play. =) A Favor House Atlantic is probably my favorite song they play, along with Welcome Home.

    Good luck at the marathon on Saturday!

  11. Good luck!! I love spinach smoothies, they're so so good.

  12. yay! Love your blog and good luck on your race!!
    I am getting back into smoothies and love seeing what other people put into theirs.

  13. I'm the same way with breakfast! Today I had cereal for breakfast and then had some appointments, so I couldn't get a snack before lunch, and I was completely out-of-sorts. Mom was right...breakfast really is the most important meal of the day!

    Also, your smoothie looks amazing. I keep telling myself I'm going to start making them, but for some reason I'm totally intimidated.

  14. Hey, don't diss the green in the rental!


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