Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Busy with Dance Competition

Sorry folks for the lack of posting today!  Ever since we landed in Myrtle Beach we have been dancing and dancing.  Yesterday Grace had one dance in the middle of the day.  Afterwards we headed to the pool then back to competition at 7 for awards.  The show went late so we decided to just head to the beach to get a quick bite and see the ocean before we went back to bed.

This morning we had to be back at dance comp at 7 AM.  Elsa had three dances and hers were all first.  Oh and I forgot to mention that Heather and I got up really early to take a little jog.  That jog ended up being only 2 miles and it was already so humid at 5:30 in the morning that when we got home it looked like we ran through the sprinkler!

Anyways, after Elsa danced, Grace had her 3 dances and then were the awards.  Grace's group took home some high golds and a platinum as well as Elsa.  But Elsa's tap dance is headed to finals on Friday!  She was super excited.

We actually have a TON more pictures but unfortunately the Internet is uber slow and we haven't really been able to log on or upload so we will share much much more when we arrive home.  Tomorrow we have the day off from dance so we will be spending it by the pool and maybe head to the aquarium.

Here is Elsa's group getting their photos for finals!

We are also hopping to swim laps in the morning for 30-45 mins for our workout.  It has been a challenge finding healthy good food but I will say that we have done a pretty good job.  We have been eating salad for lunch and we also had salad at dinner with our pizza from Mellow Mushroom!

Well I am off to bed, it is only 10 but I am exhausted.  Everyone else is already asleep!

We hope to get another post in while we are here but if not we will definitely have more pictures up when we get back.  Not to mention the super sweaty one of Heather and I when we got back from our run this morning.



  1. It looks like y'all are having a great time!

  2. So fun! Love the dance costumes, and just love dance in general. :)


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