Friday, July 15, 2011

When Sweat STINGS

I'll tell you when sweat stings, WHEN IT IS IN YOUR EYES! The last several times I have gone out for a run my eyes have start stinging from sweat. yuk.  It is hot and another colorado kicker....Humid.  What..... humid in Colorado?!?  For those of you who don't know Colorado is typically ultra dry.  I love it that way. Crisp, clean, and fresh.  But for whatever reason the last couple of weeks we get these crazy isolated rain showers that just DUMP rain on us.  It is bizarre. They typically show up close to midnight totally light up the sky with lightening and dump rain.  My Dad typically refers to Colorado as "Dusty" but alas, this year it just isn't.

So as you all know my sisters got their hair chopped and congrats to them for being way braver then me.  When I was young I typically had short hair and because of this I am still burnt out and hope to have long hair my whole life. Plus, I look like a male when the hair gets cut.

Here are my luscious chlorine filled, split ended locks of training love.  I decided I am not touching them until then end of summer.  Why pay $$ when I am just gonna go hop in the pool the next day.

So speaking of the pool my tri training has started =) Although, I am running a 10k Saturday so this week is slightly easier.  Workouts this week:

Monday: -Swam 975m (525m swim followed by 6x50's with 10 sec recovery and 6x100's with 20 sec recovery) I did this during adult swim while Peter ate a snack on the side....
               -Later that day I Ran 5 miles with my brother and tried to kick his butt.  He was lying on the grass when we finished and panting so I am thinking.... mission accomplished =) Nice work Bro.

Tuesday: Running Club HARD workout.  20x400's!  Thats right 20. We ran 1x400 at 5k pace directly followed by 1x400 at marathon pace and just kept repeating it for a total of 5 miles.  Try it.  I found it hard, my body didn't like changing up the pace so often... I am a marathoner, I stick to the same pace for hours so switching it up like that really threw me for a breathing loop. After running club I went to barbell class at Lifetime.

Here's my new favorite recovery smoothie.  Fruit is in season and because Sarah keeps posting pics of her smoothies with spinach I decided to contribute my own green smoothie pic.  Cheers Sarah!

Rasberries, Strawberries, Blackberries (they apparently are hiding), Mango, Spinach, Ice, Orange Juice, Protein Powder.

Wednesday: 21 Mile bike ride with a short swim in the middle.  A few friends and myself rode the Sprint Tri loop and then hopped in the pool and quickly busted out a 525m swim.

Thursday:  Ran 5 Miles with eyes stinging with sweat.

This is my new favorite salad..... does anything look familiar?!  If you guess all the ingredients listed in the above smoothie you are correct-o! (except ice, juice and protein of course)  I also grilled some asparagus, cut some cucumber and threw in some carrots and cherry tomatos to complete this lunchtime of delight.

Today: I dunno yet. My 10k is tomorrow and my running Guru says to do nothing.....but I dunno, maybe a short swim?

Saturday: 10k.  Wish me luck. I have no idea how I'll do.  I am sure I'll let you know regardless of either the misery or awesomeness to follow so stay tuned =)

Last night for  a snack I decided to smother some animal crackers with peanut butter (I ended up using about 6 spoonfuls of peanut butter) and drink up some milk.  My milk man comes today and I hate having an overload of milk so I am bound and determined to finish it all up before the next load comes in.  Here's to milk! yum.

So guys, how is training going for y'all? 

Anyone else stinging from sweat?

What about your hairdos?  Done anything crazy awesome like my sista's lately?
me, nope.

What kind of snacks do you like to eat at night?
I am always changing mine up but I am always eating something.  It is out of pure habit I must have food before bed.


  1. What a workout week you've had!! Holy amazingness!

    It had been crazy sweaty where I live too. You're not the only one. I've been trying to get my runs out of the way before 8am when the real heat hits!

    I have always been obsessed with long hair but after seeing the pics of your sister's new look I kind of want to chop mine! I get like that in the summer sometimes but the thought gives me anxiety!

    I try not to snack after dinner but it usually doesn't work. I change my snacks up too. It's usually fruit or a bowl of cereal. I just tell myself I need to fuel for my runs the next day ha.

  2. All of your food looks delicious! I want you to come grocery shopping with me :)

    Good luck on the training!

  3. The weather has been crazy lately and it has been ruining my after work rides! I have not gotten sweat in my eyes running but I have biking and damn it hurts!

    Good luck at your 10k!

  4. I finished up a hot humid run on Tuesday night and the sweat was totally stinging my eyes. I could barely see and the hubby had to help me wash my eyes out :). The joys of training in the summer. Good luck on the 10k!

  5. I hate sweat in my eyes! Especially mixed with sunscreen--horrible. My hair is a complete mess but I've decided I will worry about it in September!

  6. You have some awesome pictures! I'm trying to get away from my ice cream at night habit.

  7. I know right?! What is up with humidity in Colorado?! My hair is actually frizzing up here! Unheard of!!

  8. Wow awesome workouts! It has been oddly humid in Utah this summer as well. Humid in Utah? Weird, but I hate the sweat in the eyes. It is just awful!

    Goodluck at your 10k!!!

  9. I would actually welcome the feel of sweat in my eyes right would mean I am actually working out.
    My sisters and I are actually trying to grow our hair out and it is so painful for me. I am at that terrible stage that I usually get before I hack it all off but I am staying strong. I really want a ponytail for my marathon in Oct. Your sister's hair does look cute though....
    Always have to have a bedtime snack. Lately it's been toast with PB&J on it. Sometimes the snack is at 3am!
    Southern Utah has been terrible with the humidity!
    This being annoynomous thing is so annoying! I don't know why it won't let me post with my name. Jess at

  10. I know what you mean about hair and swimming - chlorine really destroys hair! I am a guy with short hair and it bothers me, I couldn't imagine how much it would bother me if I was a girl! I may need to look into getting special swimming conditioner or something to make my hair feel normal again.

    You had a huge week of workouts! That 20x400 sounds intense!

    And graham crackers with peanut butter with milk sounds great!

  11. So I love pb and animal crackers yum! Can u tell me what is the deal with spinach in fruit smoothies? I eat sweets at night yup, I am always up for dessert!

  12. It isn't just the burning that I hate about sweat in the eyes, it's that it never stops. Once the sweat trickle finds a path to your eye, it just keeps on coming. You can wipe as often as you want, but it will be there until long after your stop sweating!


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