Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hair before.....

My 10k is this morning.   I woke up at 5:30 even though my alarm was not set till 6:00.  Does this ever happen to you?  During the week I get up at 5:30 so when the weekend hits my body doesn't want to sleep in.  Lameness....

This week I came up with a new quick recipe that was so so good!
Whole Wheat English Muffin
Lite Laughing Cow Cheese Triangle
Two Eggs Overeasy
Prosciutto (good quality, Italian)

Salt and Pepper to taste

I eat the muffins open face instead of a sandwich.  I like to cut into it and the let the yoke break open.  So fast and delicious.

I have been busy working on my Spring 2012 collection.  This is me posing (hahaha) for one of my favorite looks!  I am making a weird face cuz I'm cool like that!

Last night we ate at one of my favorite pizza places, Motorino.  I had Scott take a picture of my because that was my last night with LONG hair!  Yep, that's right.....Heather is on a kick with cutting hair and has convinced me to cut mine off!  Growing up I always had short hair, I mean it does grow back out, right?!  The reason I am hesitant is that if I get mine cut at my 2:15 appointment today I will be getting mine much much shorter than Heather's.  I don't brush my hair usually and I only wash it once or twice a week so it is in bad condition. Which means it really should be cut off.  We will see....

Any fun weekend plans?

Wish me luck on my 10k!  I will be wearing the same thing I wore for my marathon because I love the outfit so much! Will recap later.

Oh and Scott said he was going to come! Woohoo! He never comes to my races because they are so early but I guess he wants to today (actually he is really just dropping me off and heading to the gym and will be back to pick me up) but that's ok because as long as I have a ride and I don't have to take the train :)



  1. Love the outfit!! SO pretty!

    I have a 10k this morning too. I haven't trained for speed at all so I'm thinking of leaving my Garmin at home so I don't have anxiety! We will see.

    Good luck!!

  2. Love the outfit! Cut always grows back!!

    Good luck with your 10k! You are going to rock it!!

  3. Good luck Sarah! i LOVE YOU and you are gonna rock it. just go fast and have fun. You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. I KNOW IT!

    I wanna hear all about it sista.

  4. Good luck! Can't wait to see the hair!

  5. Good luck on your race!

    I'm also up early this morning, partly because of my internal clock and partly because I have a pup who doesn't understand what a weekend is :)

  6. Twice, I've let my hair grow out to my tailbone and then cut it off as short as a pixie cut. This last time, I did a Louise Brooks bob.

  7. After pictures please!

    Good luck in your 10K!

  8. Good luck Sarah!!!
    Can't wait to see your hair!!!

  9. Ah! Hope the race went well for you!! I thought I was going to chop my hair last Friday but my daring side disappeared by the time the appt. came around. Paid $130 for it to look exactly the same when I left-ha!

  10. I ALWAYS get up before my alarm -- what's the deal with that?! It happened this morning, and you're right.. sleeping in is useless!

    PS: it seems like everyone is getting new 'dos lately...maybe I should make an appointment! OH and make sure to post after pictures!!


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