Friday, July 8, 2011


Well I did it.  I cut 9 inchs off my hair.  I almost didn't do it.  While I was sitting at the salon I actually went up the the lady at the front and said I needed to leave and was not going to cut my hair.  But of course she talked me into staying and getting a consult.  I am glad I did.

This is a picture of me... I was trying to decide if I should cut it or not.  Right after this picture is when I got up to leave..
A another stylist came to take this picture(sorry so blurry).  I had enough hair to donate 9 inchs to Beautiful Lengths

This was what I looked like straight out of the salon.  A little crazy I know.. but doesn't everybody look a little crazy when they walk out after a change at the hair salon or is it just me?  I am really glad I did it. I wanted to go shorter but needed to still be able to pull it into a pony.. at least for the summer.  Maybe I will get brave and go shorter this fall.

So to today..
Workout.. got up at 4:45.  Drove to Nikki's house and then ran 3 miles to Kinetic Edge.  The run was good.  Love to run before the gym.  I always push myself even harder when I get there if I can get a little cardio in before.
Now that the workout is done I think my day is going to consist of laying by the pool.. in the shade.  I am heading out of town next week and have tons of things running through my brain that I need to work on but I am totally putting it off.  Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. It looks good! And so cool you donated!

  2. Your new hair looks great. A little change never hurt anybody :)
    P.S. I like your mismatched shoe laces. So fun!
    Have a great weekend.
    Lauren from

  3. I've been thinking about cutting my hair shorter too! I even made the appointment but then canceled it! Yours looks great though!

  4. Love it! And hair does grow pretty fast, I feel, so you'll be back to that former length in no time!

  5. So awesome! I need to do this with mine. It is getting so long. Love the new cut. :)

  6. Loving your new 'do!! Good for you for staying, too--hair grows back... that's what I always tell myself when sitting in the chair about to get my hair chopped off!! =)

  7. love the hair... you are brave.
    ps- what is this kenetic edge thing? i clicked on the link and i guess it's just the one location, right? is it just kettleball stuff?

  8. Haha! your hair right after the appointment cracks me up! not sure what style your girl was going for ( and I can say that I am a hairstylist!) but afterwards when you made it your own and smoothed it, it looks GREAT!! love it!

  9. I LOVE your shorter hair! It looks hot!
    Way to go for it!

  10. Your post salon pic is so Joan Jett! Lovin' the new doo.

  11. Oh I like it! Super cute and sassy! Good for you for being so brave! I cut 10 inches off my hair about 3 years ago and it takes so long to grow out, I'm not sure I will ever do it again lol


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