Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello Hamstring and Happy 4th of July!

Todays workout: 5 Miles Normal.

Happy 4th! I needed a little stretch after my run today so thanks to my husband you get a pic.

It felt great to be running at home! Running away is fun but it is always good to come home and hit the road where you know the route. It also feels nice to just run. I kind of just go at a pace that feels good and normal. I occasionally pick it up and I occasionally hold it back but when I am in the middle of recovery and not really training for anything it is fun to just run however fast or slow you want.

This week I am going to really try to incorporate more cross training and strength into my workouts.  Here is my schedule for the first part of this week.

Monday: 5 Miles Normal pace with 10 mile bike ride later.
Tuesday: Killer 200/200 track workout followed by a Strength barbell class
Wednesday: Swim and maybe a 15 mile Bike ride

Anywhoo, onto the Holiday!  Happy 4th of July.  This day is one of my favorite holidays.  The weather is typically great there is lots of food to eat and usually an amazing fireworks show to catch.

They have an amazing fireworks show on the golf course right by our neighborhood on July 3rd.  Here we are waiting for the action to happen. (a lot of these pics where you can see up my nose are self portraits...)

Every kid waiting for the fireworks to start had a glow stick. Of course I totally had forgotten to pick up some so Peter stalked out another family who generiously gave him one!  THANKS random family for giving Peter "the one thing he always wanted since forever and ever......" said Peter himself.

HAPPY HOLIDAY and happy running -Jen


  1. conclusion: you have amazing legs and the worlds Cutest son. oh my goodness!!

  2. I second the last comment. Nice stems!


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