Thursday, July 21, 2011

Short Fast Tempos = HELLISH

So I can't say my week has panned out like I thought.

To start, Monday morning I was supposed to go out and run 5 miles with 3.5 @ 7:30 pace.....well that didn't happen. My phone died in the middle of the night (alarm clock) and then I woke up late and said ahhh what the hell.  So I decided to switch gears and think maybe I could get a swim or go for a short bike ride later. But nope, I did absolutely nothing but hang at the pool with my little dude Peter.  It was SOO nice.

Pool, here we come.

Tuesday, I did wake my lazy self up and forced myself to get out the door with my running shoes on. It wasn't easy in the least but somehow I managed to do it.  I decided, "Ok, I missed my short fast tempo yesterday so I'll just skip running club today do that workout instead." So I started with a warmup mile which felt great and then proceeded to attempt 3.5 miles @ 7:30.  Well after 2 miles I stopped, felt like I was gonna die, lied down on the concrete sidewalk and looked up in the sky and wondered what in the world I was doing to myself =) Then I dragged my butt off the concrete (I had the outline of a sweat body on the concrete... did I mention it is HOT outside), turned up my music louder (I will be deaf later in life I'm sure) and finished 2 miles easy.

This is a picture of me in the ocean somewhere in the Caribbean shortly after I got married.  If I am gonna endure super hot weather I'd much rather be here.

Although I didn't go as far as I'd hoped I am glad I kind of figured out where I am physically.  So next week I am going to try and go 2.5 miles @ 7:30 and add 1/2 mile each week. Anyone with me?

After running I did attend barbell class like planned and I also found time to swim 1600m. So I figured, Tuesday made up for Monday.

Here is my delicious tuna sandwich I made for lunch.  I have made this recipe a few times now and I am never disappointed.  Thanks again Giada.  

Wednesday I did do what I originally had planned, and that was a mini run through of the Sprint Tri I am gonna participate in next weekend. I met up with some friends, we biked, ran and then swam. It all felt relatively good, we timed our swim so we could turn in our swim time for 100m. They want you to turn in how long it takes you to swim 100m at a normal pace so they put you in the correct lane when swimming during the race. I am coming in slightly under 2 minutes.

Today I am heading out the door shortly to run 10 miles. The bike ride I originally had planned isn't gonna happen until tomorrow morning. I don't really care because it was either go during the scorching HOT sun of the afternoon or wake up early Friday and ride then. I will go to Total Conditioning class Friday as well and possibly hop in the pool but my main activity that day will be the ride.  I want to head into boulder and kick my butt going up some hills. For some reason tackling hills on a bike is so much more fun then tackling while running....

This is a deathly steep hill in Stillwater that we ran up while I was just visiting.  So steep, they close it in the winter and they named it chili chute or something like that....?. Not fun, but a great workout. I don't think this pic does it justice but either way, steep enough that it needs to be mentioned.

It has been so crazy hot here that the motivation to go workout in the middle of it has been slim. But regardless some physical activity has been happening. It is interesting training for a Tri because now aside from running you are trying to think about the swim and the biking and it just makes for a busy workout schedule... kind of nuts.  I can only imagine how much training is involved with an Ironman.

I am missing my family all having fun up in Minnesota this week!  This is Heather and the Stillwater bridge with a picture of our hometown in the background.  Miss you guys! =)

Would you rather be in scorching hot weather in the Caribbean or your hometown?
me, Caribbean. I also wouldn't say no to Hawaii.....

Anyone out there made anything delicious lately?
That Tuna is always good, but I have also had some delicious salads.

Who's gonna eat some Fro Yo today?!?
ME, I decided today for my afternoon treat I am hitting up Red Mango for some strawberry Fro Yo topped with Mochi, M&M's, and Oreo Cookie =)

Happy Running all, and may we all make it through the scorching hot hot hot days of summer!  -Jen


  1. What a beautiful place to run!
    Caribbean all the way! I love me some warm weather, right now it's winter where I live :)

  2. I'd much rather be in the Caribbean! It is plenty warm in WI right now, but I sure could use a beach at my side :)

    I just made chicken & broccoli hot pockets for dinner this week, try them out!

  3. That tuna sandwich is dang good! It has been so hot and miserably humid here. I think I need to live on a beach somewhere but with no responsibility so I can really enjoy it.

  4. Love the pics! At the moment I am actually glad to be enjoying the warm weather in Michigan instead of on the beach in Houston. The beaches in Texas don't look anything like the Caribbean, unfortunately.

    Corey is thinking about running his first marathon, I am going to have to make sure that he checks out the blog for advice. Meanwhile, I am just looking forward to being taken off exercise restriction - hopefully by October I can get moving again!

  5. Carribean! Caribbean! YES! It is a hot hell here where I live.

    I made banana bread yesterday. It's my new favorite thing. Way too much butter involved but I love it anyway!

    That steep hill there looks like it could build some serious running character! :)

  6. Oh man that sandwich looks incredible!!!! That hill looks terrifying!!!!

  7. oh gosh i love that you j ust laid down on the concrete. that is amazing. lol. it has been so hot, all bets are off with exercise in my opinion anyway

  8. Um that tuna looks RI-DIC. You look amazing in your shorts and blue tank!! Yowza!!! I'd rather be hot down south where it is socially acceptable to sit around, drink, eat, and read all day. I always find something nagging me here to get done! Enjoy your fro-yo!!!

  9. "Would I rather be in the scorching hot weather or my hometown?" --wait is this a trick question? We go to Hawaii to cool down. :) Nice workout's. It's okay to do a rest day, your body needs it. Good luck at the sprint Tri this weekend, tell all the ladies Hi for me! I'll be cruising on the Mexican Riveria with the family---again to cool down.

  10. Awesome workouts! And definitely the Carribean.

  11. some weeks don't go as planned and that is just fine. Seems like you are still getting in some good stuff.

    I wish we had hills here at all because I love training on them...I am ok with heat it is the humidity that's killing me

  12. Thanks for the follow! I hope I didn't sound like a crazy person with all of my cleaning ideas. I totally agree that some germs are good for us though. We have to keep our immune systems in check. I plan to update again soon with ideas on products we use on our bodies.

    Your blog is great. I am about to start training for my first marathon, and I will be checking back here for some great motivation!

  13. that water is GORGEOUS!!

    awesome sounding run-barbell class-water workout!!

  14. That picture of you in the Caribbean is amazing. So beautiful.

    I don't like heat but I do love hills!

  15. I love the snorkeling gear picture.

    It has been hot in our area too....105 degrees today. Ugh. Nothing like sweating before you even start running.


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