Friday, July 22, 2011

Today at the Gym

Pulled Sarah and Scott out of bed at 5am to attend a 5:30 class.

Love a good plank.  Or as Dena would call them.. an active rest.  It was a great workout. 

Then we ran back to my apartment.  It is almost exactly a 5K back to my place from the gym.  So once we got going and feeling great we ran it in what I think it a pretty good time.

Here is the watch for the end time. We had an overall pace of 8:19.

Then finished it up with a nice protein shake.  Sarah brought some muscle nog along so I could try it.  So so good.  I will be ordered some for sure.

Now just hanging today and hoping that it doesn't rain tomorrow for Warrior Dash.

Anyone else doing the Warrior Dash tomorrow?



  1. active rest? i love it! what a great way to think of planks!

  2. Wow, awesome 5k pace!!! You rock!! I've never done the Warrior Dash but they look like so much fun!!!

  3. Love the family workout! I am so so jealous.

  4. You guys are so awesome in your head bands! Way to get up at 5---I'm impressed. Nice pace on the 5k too!

  5. Oh I HATE planks! Way to go getting them out of bed so early. I've never been successful in my attempts to do the same.

  6. Oh! And for Sarah, I meant to ask--did you go to SCAD in Savannah? That place dominated the city, and looks like the most amazing place to go to school. I loved how everything was accessible for pedestrians. Beautiful place!

  7. i love that, active rest!!! good for you! i am all for the early morning activities!

  8. Your arms look amazing in the plank picture!! Nice Run!

    Never done a Warrior Dash but I would LOVE to!

  9. Sounds like an amazing workout--HOLY ARMS!! woohoo!


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