Thursday, July 7, 2011

Veggies and More

While I was in Minnesota my intake on veggies was pretty minimal.  But on the last day Heather and I woke up went for a run and then headed over to the St. Paul Farmers Market.  It is probably one of the nicest farmer markets I have ever been to.  They always have a ton of stuff and it always looks amazing =) I decided that I am going to try to eat lots veggies everyday.  I typically do eat some vegetables but I need to eat more.

Heather stretching after our morning run.  Towards the end of the run we spiced it up a bit and played don't let the other person pass you.  It was quite fun =)  I highly recommend it.  

Check out all the fresh produce.  YUM. You can only see 1/10th of what was there.

They had lots of flavored honey sticks. I picked up one of each flavor for myself and a friend. I have actually never tried one yet, but I have a stash of about 15 in my little running box.

Who can say no to these asparagus?  Standing them up like that made them look extra delicious.

So far this week my workouts have been going well.  I am actually loving them.  Which is good because I know that sometimes I truly don't love them.

For a recap, Monday I ran 5 Miles.

Tuesday: I went to running club and did 12 - 200/200's with 1 for 1 recovery. Basically the 200/200 is a 400 but the first 200 was supposed to be at 3k pace followed by the last 200 at 1 mile pace.  So you come in relatively fast and then recover for the same amount of time.  Then after that I headed to barbell class where I pumped some iron.  I don't know about you guys but I NEED SOME MUSCLES!  I totally slacked during my training for the last marathon and I don't want that to happen again.

Wednesday: I went biking for 23.5 miles. Then I went and swam 525m.  I am trying to figure out how fast I can actually swim.  I have no idea how to judge so today I just went at a pace where I felt in control and knew I could keep swimming that way for a while.  So now for my Sprint Tri I am going to try to be faster.  I don't really know how to shave off time in the pool?  Speed workouts??? I dunno.

Thursday: Run 8 miles with friends from club.  YAY for running buds.  They rule.
Friday: Swim again and also attend a Total Conditioning class at lifetime.
Saturday: Tempo run with club followed by some kind of bike ride.

Does anyone know any good biking speed workouts?  Like riding up the same hill 10 times or something??

Also, who likes honey sticks?
-I will try one tomorrow, as I was typing this post I realize it is ridiculous that I keep buying these things but really have no idea what they taste like.

Is there a swimmer out there can give me a good workout for the pool?
-I only have 1 workout that my swimming teacher gave us while doing a swim lesson a month or so back.  I am looking for more.

Happy Running, Swimming and Biking all -Jen


  1. I've never tried a honey stick but they look so delicious!! I have just recently fallen in love with asparagus so that picture made me DIE.

    Awesome workout plan. I've got to get myself in a pool :)

  2. Your week of working you looks perfect--so well rounded. YES to those honey sticks! I tried them (plain flavored, I guess) years ago and would love to find them again. I definitely think they're a better alternative than candy!

  3. I love Farmer's Markets and that asparagus looks super yummy!

    Awesome week of workouts - both running and cross-training!

  4. I have some great swim workouts. Drop me an email and I can send a few onto you. christikeiseryahoocom

  5. I love Farmer's Markets or just random roadside farm stands. I can't wait to get my hands on some fresh peaches this weekend.

  6. I love honey sticks! I haven't had one in a few years, but you should give them a try :)
    Lauren from

  7. LOVE, LOVE farmers markets!! My kids love those honey stix!!!!!!

  8. Hmm trying to find your email.. Beginner suggestions? Just do the race. Do not time yourself while swimming etc. Go enjoy the experience!!!!! All the other stuff will fall into place.

  9. Your workouts are awesome and I love that you do so many with friends or the running club. Love that!

    Those honey sticks look yummy. You will have to let us all know how they taste.

  10. Your workouts are great!! Farmers markets are so fun!

  11. I LOVE farmer's markets! Everything always looks so yummy and fresh! I can't resist!!!

  12. See if someone can give you a "master swim" schedule. That's pretty common. Not always fun but a good workout anyway.

    You're headband rocks! I want one!

  13. must have been the weekend for markets ... we went as well. I've never heard of honey sticks ... don't even know if they have them in australia ... maybe a new venture for me!


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