Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This was my monday.. woke up and went for a run in Stillwater.  My run on saturday was great.  Went 8 miles and felt pretty good for entire run.  So I was anxious to get out and run again.  Went 6 miles.  And stopped and did  all the stairs I could find during that run.  It was so hot and humid out and I loved it.

This was my snack after my run.  Not a great post run snack but I had little time to get my kids ready for the sitter so that I could go to a class at the gym to get some strength training in.

Here I am before heading to Kinetic  Edge.  Notice I had to change my entire outfit from my run.  It was all soaked.

Then back in the car and this was my after the gym snack.  I feel like some days I just live in my car.  With four kids I swear that I run around non stop from one thing to the next.  I try to find the best snacks I can that will somewhat fill me up and yet are still good for me.   I needed to run into our grocery store before I went back home and saw these so I grabbed then and they held me over.

My girls had some gift cards that needed used up at Jamba Juice so I got my lunch there.  They have a really good steel cut oats now that they serve.  If any of you live by one and you are in a crunch there are really good.

Then it started to rain... and rain... and rain.  I decided to make some cookies(which I threw away this morning) Not sure what happened but they came out of the over flat as pancakes... but it did kill some time while we were all inside in the rain.  George snacked on some graham crackers that were shaped like dog treats.. I know don't judge :)

We got back in the car around 3 o'clock and the run around started again until I got home about 8 o'clock. My last stop of the night was with Grace and we went to go and look for her some new dance clothes.  The store closed at 7.  What kind of store closes at 7??  All the other stores around it were open until 9!!  Lame.  So decided to share a Cold Stone instead.  Mint with Oreo.  It was great.  And I got home  just in time to see Ashely pick J.P instead of Ben.  I thought Ben would have been a better choice overall but whatever.  I thought this season was lame.  

I am really glad I was able to get a double workout in.  It has been a while since I have done one and with my sister Jen doing doubles pretty much everyday lately I was starting to feel like a major slacker.  Anyone else love working out twice a day?

(Sorry for most of the pictures being a little blurry.. my 4 year old really wanted to take them all.. and most of them were shot in the car...)



  1. Some days I feel like I live in my car.....but you take the cake!! You make it work though and are JACKED!!! Way to get your workouts in in the midst of being a taxi!!

  2. I can only assume that your second outfit is Lululemon because I have the same one! I always have to change my outfit between workouts too!

  3. Nice job! I am just starting to do double workouts this week because I do not have time in the morning to do strength training. Today is day 1 and we shall see how it goes. I am excited today but sticking with it will probably be another story.

  4. ok i know all those snacks. where the graham crackers scoobie do (or however you spellit ) because i totally have those...uhhh yes i just admitted to that. love them! he has great taste ;)

  5. I like to do double workouts when I can fit them in around the kids' schedules. As soon as school starts it will be easier. I've never been to Jamba Juice- I will have to give it a try. I am VERY familiar with Cold Stone. :)


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