Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My day

Since I have no training advice or insight to what I am training for these days ... since I have still not signed up for anything I will just let you know what I did yesterday.
Ran 4 miles

Sorted through school supplies

Took a little flight to check on the stuff I have in storage while we are living in the apartment.  I have the best co pilot

Only to find half of the stuff I had there with mold growing on it.  The day we moved it was raining and I am sure some of the stuff got damp.  Well I should have gone back and checked on it sooner... this is just some of the stuff that we can't save.  And the funny thing is that it is stored in the cleanest hanger I have ever seen.  I feel bad my stuff has now tainted it.

To end the day we went to the fair for family night.  The kids loves going and would go again if we would take them.  I made me a sandwich before we went so that I didn't over eat fried food.

But after we saw animals...went on rides... people watched I got one of these cones.  The thing I wait all year for.  A pineapple raspberry twist in a waffle cone.  Dole whip.  It was worth the wait.

We stayed until way past all of our bedtimes.  But is was fun and a nice cool night so it was so worth it.  The rest of my week is going to just be getting ready for school to start.  Need to pack up some of the summer clothes and get out the school clothes.  Go buy stuff for school lunches.  Anyone got any good school lunch ideas?  


  1. HA HA HA! That was soo me sorting through school supplies two weeks ago! I have three kids and trying to figure out what belongs to who is always a task!

  2. What a fun day! I love the fair and the icecream combo sounds absolutely amazing. :)

  3. What a fun day! Shame about all the moldy stuff. I wish I could figure out how to keep mold away from my things!


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