Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday FunDay

I returned from Minnesota last night exhausted and very full from all the eating. Came home, unpacked and went straight to bed. Who knew walking all over the fair eating all kinds of foods would be so exhausting.

This pic to the left is a piece of cheesecake dipped in chocolate. it was so good. I don't normally love cheesecake but for whatever reason this was delish.

I am now into workout week #3 of my FIRST training plan. Here is how it's gonna go down.

Monday: Total Conditioning
Tuesday: 1 Mile warmup followed by a downhill ladder...typically I am used to going "Up" a ladder. But hey, I am not going to discriminate and starting with the longest interval first sounds kind of nice =)
         1x1200, 1x1000, 1x800, 1x600, 1x400 and 1x200

Wednesday: Swim for 1 hr. I typically ride my bike this day but I have been feeling my IT band while biking and felt it a little on my run last Saturday so I am going to give the bike a rest.... I may need some kind of strange adjustment.

Thursday: 7 miles with 1 mile warmup 5 miles at 8:05 pace and 1 mile easy
Friday: Not sure yet... either total conditioning or another swim.  

Saturday: 17 Miles around a 9:00 minute mile. My 15 miler felt so good last week I am interested to see how this one feels. I hope all my long runs feel great but as most of us runners know some just feel like crap.

I am also going to be cooking a lot this week (now that I have a menu) so hopefully I cook up some good treats! For dinner tonight, it is Roman Style Chicken. I haven't made this recipe before so I'll let you know how it is. But I typically find Giada recipes delish.

Happy Running and may you Monday be a funday.  -Jen

What is everyone else cooking for dinner?

How did Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene turn out for everyone?
-We are SO glad Sarah and Scott are A.O.K and the only damage they have are water bubbles in there wall.... which apparently have shown up during previous rain storms.... Sarah, maybe call your landlord? that doesn't sound too normal.  Check out the pic here.

Is everyone ready for Fall?
-I am, I am ready for cool crisp air and pretty leaves. I love fall


  1. Looks like a fun time!! I am looking forward to fall but I hate to even think about it because that means winter is next!!! Ugh!!

  2. I love the fair! This is the first year in a long time I have not gone... sad :( Glad you enjoyed it though!

  3. Looks like a good time with some good eats. Good luck with you training this week.

  4. Fair food!! Yummm! Although just in small doses :)

    Those run times look great! I always worry about biking flaring up my IT but it doesnt. Just running. I dont get it!?

  5. Yay for FIRST!!! I am a veteran FIRST runner.
    Roman Chicken looks gooood! I've got chicken thawing for din din too. Was going to roll mine in crushed almonds but now maybe not...
    We were in NC for the hurricane. Glad to check that off my bucket list. ;S


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