Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My New Favorite Salad

The other day I was making lunch at my moms and was just using what she had in her fridge.  I didn't feel like making anything extra special so I was just throwing stuff together and I came up with this gem of a salad

String Cheese
Cottage Cheese
Gold Fish
Parmesan Cheese
A light drizzle of a dressing of your liking.
It was so good.  That since then I have made it three or four more times. I am really loving these days using just spinach leaves as my greens.  You all must try it.

On a side note I am sort of looking forward to school starting again.  Anyone else?  My kids are getting bored and I am getting bored of thinking of news ways to keep them moving.  Dance is starting back up again and my girls are over the moon excited.  But they still need something to do in the mean time.  So this is what I came up with last night.  I made my salad and really wanted to eat it outside.  I have been missing eating outside this summer since we are in a apartment and we have no porch.  But we do have a courtyard so I took my salad down and made the kids run around and around it.  I even kept them instreseted buy timing them.  I was calling it time trials and that made it even more exciting.  What are you all doing to keep your kids from killing each other??


  1. That salad does look delicious Heather. I may have to make one myself tonight!


  2. Love it! I am a firm believer that every salad should be topped with goldfish. :)

  3. goldfish on a salad?? yummyyyyyy!!!

  4. Great idea! I always have Goldfish around.

    Thanks, Jen, for following my blog. You're my 30th follower--love those round numbers. :^) I'm going to go explore yours.

  5. That salad looks awesome. I could eat goldfish by the handfuls so I don't keep them in my house... but this may be a reason to start buying them!

  6. What a great idea to put gold fish on a salad! I may have to try that and see if I can coax my picky teenagers into eating a salad just to have the gold fish. Worth a try!


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