Monday, August 15, 2011

Get ready for a GIVEAWAY =)

Yep, stay tuned, we have a giveaway coming soon.  I'll give you a hint, you will be able to enjoy it using more then one of your 5 senses.....AND there will be more then 1 item.

To start, I'll say my 5k time trial went well. We do this same airport loop every so often to see how how we are doing and I beat my time by almost a minute. So that is good! Also, this loop is tough, you do get to fly downhill for the first 1.5 miles but then for the rest of it you first climb a steep uphill followed by a gradual uphill back to the finish.  It is tricky but doable.  I am just surprised I didn't stop because the thought did enter my mind about 20 times..... so that is like once almost every minute. lovely.

Onto this week,

Monday: Bike 20 miles
Tuesday: 3x1600m Repeats with 1 MINUTE RECOVERY..... who does a VO2 max session and only get 1 minute recovery???  Especially on a 1 mile repeat.  I am hoping to hit this 1 mile repeat around 6:56 or so.  who knows.. i'll let you know. I also need to do a strength training session this day.

Wednesday: Swim and or Bike ride. haven't decided yet.
Thursday: 13 miles @ 8:45 pace plus Strength of some sort.
Friday: Total Conditioning

I am having issues fitting in strength. Why does it seem so annoying to lift weights.  It seems so time consuming and soooo boring.   But, I realize it needs to be done. This week I will lift at least 3 times!  It doesn't need to be intense, but it does need to happen.

On another subject, I clean out my closet each fall and spring.  Clutter drives me crazy and for some reason a good cleaning out each 6 months or so seems to lift my moral a ton.  When going through my clothes this time I realized my regular clothing wardrobe is totally slacking and my workout wardrobe is becoming ginormous and out of control.

This pile of the "junk" workout clothing was all crammed into 1 drawer.... lovely.

Plus, does anyone else find it odd that I am more worried about my "good" workout clothes being kept hung up and not getting wrinkly then my other clothes.  

So I refolded all my crappy workout clothes (the ones in the pile) and decided to make a conscious effort to try and make do with what I have got and focus on my normal clothes for a bit....we'll see how that goes.

This picture below is just a random pic I took of my son Peter going out and chasing a cow during the rodeo we went to. I dunno why but it made me thing of the part in the book "Born to Run" where the kids learn to run by playing games.... do we Americans teach our children to run in cow manure during fun events like Rodeos...I dunno, the thought just came to me.

Does anyone else clean out there closet?
-I love cleaning mine out. A good friend of mine once taught me that if you haven't worn it in 1 year, get rid of it. I agree.  

Has anyone else chased a cow at a rodeo?
I have, I participated in this same event that Peter did when I was younger. Crazy how some things just don't change.

Who else has a hard time with Strength Training?
I know some of you do, I have read about it on your blogs. Anyone come up with a good solutions??

Happy Running! -Jen


  1. I'm so bad at throwing out old things. But every time I move I'll throw out a ton of stuff, so that's good!
    I used to compete in rodeos when I was a kid, in barrel racing. I have such fond memories of it. Good luck hitting all your goals this week!

  2. I just did four loads of laundry and it was ALL workout clothes. I decided I need to focus on my real people clothes as well, especially since I've got to go back to work in a couple of weeks!

    I have never even BEEN to a rodeo so I can't say I participated in one!

    Strength is hard to fit in, especially when you're a cardio junkie!! My only solution is to drag myself to the gym because when I'm there, I have no other choice! I also remind myself of last year's knee injury and how I never want it to happen again. Strengthening my leg muscles is essential for keeping myself injury-free!!

  3. I tried making a cute green notebook once and I told myself I'd get a reward when I filled it up with strength training. Like I made a little template for tracking.

    Never happened. I suck.

    I'm obsessed with organization, too. Makes me feel happy when things are all in their proper places and de-cluttered!

  4. I have definitely gotten better at donating old clothes. I used to just keep them but I had so much stuff. I enjoy cleaning my closet and should probably do that soon. It's looking pretty awful!

  5. I find myself borrowing from my sisters closets alot. I think I do this because in high school I could never fit into their clothes but now 11 yrs later we are all about the same size depending on who has had the last baby! I love having a clean closet but hate cleaning it!

    I love strength training while I am doing it but it's so hard to get there.

  6. I am from a small town and LOVE rodeos! So fun.

    I am with you on the strength training. I have had such a hard time getting it in lately and it almost feels like a chore. Not good!

  7. Thanks for visiting! I definitely struggle with strength training but I have a good friend that rocks it...she is becoming my leader :)

    I've never chased a cow but I did get in the ring with a bull when I lived in Spain! I waved my little red flag at him, but when I realized he was coming at me, I sprinted to the wall and launched myself over. Sooooo scary!!

  8. I struggle with strength training, I don't do enough of it and when I do it, I am sore for days lol

  9. wow chase a cow, can't say that i have. maybe it is the type a personality in me but i am all over the closet organizing!


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