Friday, September 9, 2011

Bonked if there ever was a Bonk

Wonder what happened to our post yesterday? Well I'll tell you. Instead of going out for my run and getting home in time to post, I bonked.

I went for a 20 miler, and ended up only running 13 and walking 7.  7 whole miles of walking really reminded me these few things.

#1 - I hate my water belt. I always have so regardless of whether it was the water belts fault or not, I will blame it.

Do you recognize this photo.... it is the chocolate covered cheesecake Heather and I ate at the State Fair a few weeks back. I was thinking about how Real Delicious this little slice of heaven was while walking those lovely 7 miles.

#2 - On any run longer then 10 miles I say as a rule of thumb, bring my cell phone. I used to always bring my cell in my little pouch that goes around my waist but have since done away with that pouch thinking the water belt was more important.... but alas, another reason to blame the dumb water belt, no place for my cell.

#3 - When you stop at some random store and ask to borrow their phone to call your husband and he offers to come pick you up, let him...... I was like, "na, don't worry about it." I thought it would be no big deal walking 7 lonely miles back to my car. But I'll tell you by the time I got to my car I was so hungry and thirsty (I ditched the water belt shortly after I stopped running) that I thought I started seeing little birds twirling around my head.

This was a delicious Giada recipe that I had made the night prior. I think she is my favorite. Towards the end of my never ending walk I started thinking about how I couldn't wait to eat the leftovers.

So anywhoo, yesterday wasn't one to write home about it but alas you get to all hear me complain in this lovely post. But really, although I am complaining this run didn't get me down too much. I have bonked before and will bonk again.  It is part of running. Live and learn =)

If anyone out there doesn't know what bonking is, here is my definition.

Bonking - When any someone can not finish a run for any type of reason they deem fit. Whether it be some kind of ache or pain, or maybe just they you weren't feeling it that day. All runners have bonk days.

I hope all your running adventures are better then mine was yesterday!  Happy weekend =)



  1. I love your definition of bonking. I bonked on my last long run but was thankfully only 2 miles from the car. I couldn't imagine 7!

  2. Oh, that stinks. Hate when that happens, and that walking is LONG after you're already too tired to run.

  3. Sorry about your bonk day. They are no fun but you are right we all have them.

  4. Sorry about the bonk, I've been there!

  5. We all bonk! I had one of those days today and it sucks but it is what it is. We live we learn.

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. The great food pics made me forget about your bonking! Yum on the pasta! I bonked yesterday too funny enough. Well, it wasn't funny but you know what I mean! I gots 18 on tap tomorrow. Por favor bonking, stay away!

  7. I hate bonking! I've had a couple of those in this training cycle. Ugh. But there's always a good one right on the heels of the bonk. :^)

    That penne looks fantastic.

  8. Sorry about your bonk day but you're right--we've all been there! I've been curious about a water belt (instead of the mini camelbak I use) but from the sounds of it, I'll stick with the camelbak! :)

  9. I"m sorry that you bonked. I think if you run enough it will eventually happen. I'm running 18 tomorrow and may be feeling your same pain and thinking about state fair food. I have a fantastic Nathan belt that is the envy of all of my running friends. Here it is what it is called on Amazon: Nathan Speed 2R Auto-Cant Waist Pack with Two 8-Ounce Nutrition Flasks. It does not move. The bottles are kind of small, but it is awesome.

  10. Hey let's face it, we all have bonk days! It happens!! You're awesome so let it go :)

  11. Totally spot-on with the 'bonk' definition. Bonking blows. Luckily it happens to all of us!

  12. you're right, we all have bonk days. but it makes the great runs that much sweeter!

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