Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain, please stop..

I don't about you guys but over here on the East Coast it is raining like crazy.  It rained all day yesterday and will rain all day today and tomorrow which means......maybe no running?  I do run in the rain sometimes but not always.  Depends on my mood and how wet it is already.  It is days like these that I wish I had a gym with a treadmill.

Should be heading out for my tempo but I may end up doing Tracy Anderson instead. 

On a side note how was your Holiday?  Mine was great!  Saturday I had a totally great run with 13 miles @ 7:56 pace.  That never really happens for me so I can tell that the Run Less Run Faster Plan is really working.  Then we shopped and found a new bed.  Sunday we relaxed, went to church and I went to the flea market to find props for my photoshoot this Friday. They always have lots of good stuff but didn't find what I was looking for.

I really loved these and really wanted to buy them.  They are African Antelope horns.  I am still thinking about them but I didn't know where I would put them.  I said above our bed and my husband said ahhhh no.  Lame...

Monday night we decided to hit up 5th avenue to go into Niketown and shop around there.  I didn't end up buying anything but it was a beautiful night.

Work has been so busy that I love it!  I love it when I have too much to do and not enough time to do it in.  Makes me a little stressed but in a good way.  Yesterday I saw a ton of models for my shoot. I picked one but my husband said no (he is the creative director of Edelweiss, it's really annoying sometimes) so I am seeing more girls today.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

What do you do if it is raining?

Do you work better under pressure?



  1. We have a treadmill, so I usually pick that over running in the rain, unless I have someone to run with me in the rain.

  2. Unless it is pouring I will run in the rain, otherwise I'm pretty likely to bag the run entirely. Not sure about that working under pressure bit. I think I do well but I don't enjoy it at all.

  3. That 13 mile run was FAST, great job! I almost always pick the treadmill or staying indoors, but yesterday I went for a run in the rain and actually loved it!

  4. You are speedy! I love the rain, but if it's cold and rain, I'll stay inside.

  5. Very cool pictures and seriously awesome run!! That has got to be a great feeling to have such an awesome long run. Wait to go!!

  6. Wow that was a speedy run!! Do you like the Run Less Run Faster Plan? It seems like everyone is doing it. It's got to be better than my current run more really slow plan, so I was thinking of checking it out.

  7. It is a very rare day in Colorado when we have rain for an entire day...but today was one (just drizzle) and it felt awesome to run in it! I'm sure if I had to run in it frequently, like you east coasters, I might have other ideas and hit my treadmill (which I do a lot anyway cuz I can't run in the heat well).

    Definitely work better under pressure...and yeah, I'm loving those antlers!! I think you need them! :)

  8. I love the pics on your blog! The one of the city rocks!! It's been raining here too! A Lot!! I'll take it over a hot, humid day any time!


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