Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not Going to Buy Them!

After my run today I will have ran approximately 536 miles in these puppies.  I bought them back in the middle of May so I would say that I did pretty good stretching out their life span to 4 months.  I know that all the running books out there say to buy new running shoes every 400-500 miles that you put into them.  Well after much contemplation I have decided to keep running in these!  They have been through a lot with me (can't ya tell) and I have grown a little attached :)

Gross some might say, although normally I would not be so bent on keeping these.  It is usually men who grow attached to tennis shoes, not women. But the truth is, I am feeling no awkward pains and I feel like they are still going strong. Not to mention I have many OTHER kinds of shoes I would like to buy this fall and running shoes are not among them!

If you look closely by the big toe area you will see a small hole beginning.

I felt like I just bought a new pair of shoes recently and OH YEAH! I DID!  Not sure if you rememeber but I bought these flat puppies for speed work back in August.  Well the truth is so many people told me to be careful because they were close to barefoot running and I could easily get injured if I run too much in them.  SO I got paranoid and now just save them for my in house DVD workouts until my race is over.  I haven't even ran in them yet.  That's ok, I can wait.  It is just that I don't want to buy ANOTHER pair of the same shoes again.  Anyone feel me?

So tell me, how long do you go before you buy new shoes?

Do you think it is super important to get new ones or do you think I can make in through NYC with them? :)


PS I have finally started to get excited for the NYC Marathon! (I like ingmarathon on fb and they are posting way more these days)

PSS My new favorite treat I found at Target!


  1. I usually buy new shoes ever 4 months but I can usually feel them breaking down by then. I keep my old ones though and run in them for shorter runs and to do cross training. I still have my sneakers I ran the Boston Marathon in...never giving those puppies up!!!

  2. I always get 700 - 800 miles out of my road shoes. If they still feel fine and I feel no injuries or funnies I keep running in them. I do however make the distances shorter after about 500 miles and get a new pair for the longer runs.

  3. Yum! I want that cereal!! PS I'm going to be in NYC the last weekend of October!! You have to tell me all the places I NEED to go in the span of 3 days. I've been before but I want to see things that I didn't see the first two times I've been!! Like Target to buy that cereal haha! Maybe we can even MEET?!?!

  4. My husband eats the less healthy lucky charms cereal and I always sneak in handfuls--I bet I would love those mallow oats!
    If I run on a treadmill, I can stretch shoes longer. On trails, after 300 miles they're worn out!

  5. that cereal looks so so so yummy!!!!

    my shoes wear out pretty far mine have only made it about 400 miles before I am just feeling like I need a new pair. but i think its totally up to you. if you feel fine and most comfortable wearing them then stick with what you know best!

  6. Oh please ease into the racing flats! I love mine but made the mistake of running way to many miles too fast in them. I luckily did not get injured but I was sore, sore, sore. I would start with like 2 miles a week in them and them move up from there.

    I usually get about 600 miles out of my shoes so I say if they still feel good then go for it!

  7. That is a lot of miles! I usually replace mine at about the 300-400 mile mark, I like to error on the side of replacing too early than too late, I don't want to risk any sort of injury due to the cushioning being gone. You may want to take them into a specialty running store to get their opinion on whether they should be replaced or not, usually they can tell by the tread, and whether the midsole is too crushed yet.

  8. I usually buy one pair a year... I think that's bad. Now that I'll be training for my first marathon in a few months, I may have to break down and buy 2 a year though.

  9. 300-400 miles and then my shoes get replaced! That cereal looks yummy!! Gotta try it and hopefully not get hooked on it.

  10. I could be totally wrong but your shoes look like Asics Nimbus? I was also just complaining I feel like I just bought new shoes but bought a 2nd pair of the nimbus 12's for $80 on Road Runner Sports (since they now have the new style)..super cheap for any good running shoe! :-)

  11. I usually buy new shoes when I am getting close to 400 miles and then I start alternating the old shoes and new shoes.

  12. That cereal looks amazing. Like a healthy Lucky Charms!

    I try to buy new shoes every 3 months if I'm doing mega miles but it usually ends up being every 4 months ('cept for right now where I'm averaging 15 slow-and-pregnant miles a week).

    And check out Kelly's Running Warehouse online for shoes. Usually great deals!

  13. Used running shoes are the best ever. It should make you feel cool :)

  14. i think as long as you feel supported by your shoes you will be fine. I got rid of my last pair because i could tell the padding was totally shot. If you are still happy in yours keep on running


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