Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Running and my other hobby

All three of us Heather, Sarah and I (Jen) have been so busy lately we have barely had a moment to sit down and chat with each other let alone update our blog as often as we'd like. But I am forcing myself to sit down create a calm for myself and do a little blogging. I always find inspiration through all of you bloggers out there and am excited to tell you what I have been up to.

My FIRST training plan for the International California Marathon Dec. 4th has been going good. Knock Knock... that is me knocking on wood. I haven't had too many complaints. I occasionally feel a little tired but then I typically either try to get more sleep, eat more spinach or back off on a cross training day and I seem to bounce back. My workouts this week are as follows.

Monday: NOTHING! I did nothing
Tuesday: 2 sets of 6x400's with 1:30 minute recovery after each 400 with a 3 minute recovery between each set.
    -This workout went well. My slowest 400 was 1:32 with my fastest being 1:27 but I pretty much was right at 1:30-1:31 the entire time.
Wednesday: Today I went on a 19 mile bike with my great girlfriend Stef.  She always kicks my butt but it felt good to have a nice warm ride.  Last week we rode but it was so cold I had to come home and take a 30 minute shower just to raise my body temp.... freezing!

Thursday: Tempo Day. 6 miles with a 2 mile warmup, 2 miles a pace (for me 7:30 or so) and then a 1 mile cool down.

Friday: Total conditioning.
Saturday: 18 miles and I haven't decided yet what pace I will run... slower but not too slow.

How is training for everyone else going??!!

Anywhoo onto my other hobby. A good friend of mine and I love to make quilts. We like to go find cute fabric, cut it up, sew it together and then slap it onto my Long-arm quilting machine and find a cool pattern to quilt on top of it. So this year, we have decided to sell some of our quilts. So for the last few weeks I have spent pretty much all of my free time in my quilting room quilting! Check out our store Jenny M's Quilt Company and let me know what ya think. =)

This is my quilting bud Meredith and I sitting next to Jack Nicholson, is he real or wax... I will never tell.

My Quilting room. I realize it needs some decorations... someday. And yes, that is my bike that I keep inside because I am crazy like that. And those are weights. Trying to fit in my strength is still a chore. Doing bicep curls while watching that huge machine quilt is sometimes the only chance I get to get in strength!

Only "some" of what I have been working on. We are madly quilting around here lately. 

Is anyone elses life out there CRAZY lately?

What are your other hobbies?

Happy Running... and quilting... -Jen


  1. Wow, I am impressed that your other hobby is quilting. I don't think I could do that. My other hobby is being lazy! No, well that is only partially true. My other hobby is building websites for my friends!

    I hope your training continues to be successful. I hear that CIM is a great race and it is on my bucket list!

  2. Oh wow!! Do you sell those quilts!? My they look pretty darn cute!

    I keep my bike in the dining room! Nothing ever gets hurt there. Knock on wood :)

  3. Gorgeous quilts--wow!! My SIL has a baby due in March, so I'll try to remember as her shower gets closer.

    My training for my marathon in January just re-started. Hoping I can get enough sleep to make me feel peppy on those dark morning runs!! Your splits sound great!

  4. Jen I already knew you were amazingly talented. When I grow up I want to be like you! (Even though I'm older than you) Good luck with the quilt sales I'm sure they will go like hot cakes!

  5. YES! I feel like life is insane these days :)

    I love making quilts too! Well, actually I only really can do the sewing part...I don't have a machine to do the actual quilting. It's tragic!

  6. Oh how neat!! You should give away one of your quilts! Have you ever made one out of former racing tee shirts or anything else memorable like that?? That machine is a beast!

  7. Love the quilts and your etsy shop! I just hung up my Pumpkins Gone Wild quilt and while Mom was here we were on the hunt for Gobble Gobble jelly rolls. I am quite jealous of your long arm - I am always sending my quilts to Mom to finish. Gorgeous work!


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