Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Hardest Plan EVER

Hi all, This is Jen here. Long time no blog. I have been out of my mind lately trying to keep up with all the happenings around my house. But, I have really been wanting to blog to let you know how my RLRF plan has been going for me.

here is my thought. IT IS SO HARD! Although it may be easy to assume this plan is doable because you "only" run "3 days a week" I say don't assume as much.

This plan is hard, here are my majors reasons why:

1. You still need to for sure cross train to some extent on the non-running days which may seem easier then it is. Sometimes it is easier to just go outside and go for an easy run, no planning involved. But when you need to get motivated to either get your rear to the gym or dig out your old home workout video it can be a chore.

2. All of the runs are very very pace specific. There is no real room for an off day or a not feeling it phase. I have had a little of both and did my best to suck it up and get through it but then the following week it is hard running again, and again. There is no room for running where you aren't looking at your watch every .25 mile or so......

So those are my 2 main reason why this plan is hard.

Here is why the plan is good.
- I am getting faster. Here is a good indicator of what this plan has done for my short distance so far.
Back in May I ran a 10k at a 7:48 pace. That pace at that time for me was tough. Just the other day I went out my door and ran 5 miles (I could have gone 6.2) at a 7:20 pace. It felt comfortably-hard and was a great indicator to me how much I have progressed as a runner with this plan. Also, during my speed sessions typically I have been coming in faster then I need to and with the minimal recover this plan gives you (and I mean minimal) I have been able to keep it up despite the fact that sometimes after the last repeat I lay down on the track and wonder what the hell I am doing, and remind myself I choose to do this!!!

I am still waiting until my marathon on Dec. 4th to see how this all is going to play out for the long distance. Will I be able to run my goal of a 3:40 or will I be able to go faster... or will I BONK? I have no idea. All of those thoughts have come and gone through my mind at least 1000 times.

Anywhoo, as the marathon gets closer I am getting very excited to see how this is all gonna go and wanted to give an opinion of the plan and hear if anyone else feels the same way.

Who has done the RLRF plan and seen it through?

What were your results?

Do you still use this plan or something more traditional?
Although this training has been HARD it has also been very fun and I had made some good memories with my buds.

Alison and Amber before a run.... early in the morning in the dark.....

Tara in her car getting ready to go out for a run early in the morning in the dark......

This is just a new little treat I discovered that is DELICIOUS! Roasted sweet potato sandwich with grilled red onion and jack cheese. try it. it is good =)

P.S. This may or may not be a hint as to wear some of the ATTrio may or may not be running their next race ;)

Happy Running -Jen


  1. DISNEY!!!!!!!!! Ahhh I want to run it so bad this year!! I even bought an outfit even though I'm not 100% sure if I can go!! I hope you guys do it! So much fun :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the RLRF - that's what I hope to be using for the spring racing season!

  3. Disney is going to be amazing! Welcome back!

  4. I think the RLRF is a good plan but I had such a hard time keeping the paces!

    Bring on 3:40!

  5. Wow, sounds like the RLRF plan is working for you, you go, girl! Way to push yourself.

  6. Sounds like you've found a great plan! I'm not familiar with "running less" :)


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