Friday, April 6, 2012

Question on Google

So I just have a quick little post for your Good Friday.  I am doing a little research on google.  The questions is....

If you were looking for a running skirt but didn't have a particular brand in mind, what would you search for in Google?  Would you describe what you were looking for or would you just type in running skirts?

Comment below and let me know what you would say?

Happy Good Friday!


Also Thanks Cotter Crunch for the shout out today!  You can check out her blog HERE!!


  1. i'd search quality running skirts. Happy friday!

  2. You should use
    I just tried in on there are a ton of running skirts came up.
    You can search super specific on that sight and it will bring up specific options. For example, you can search "yellow chiffon dress with sleeves" and it does a pretty good job of coming up with options.

  3. I would type in "running skirts" OR "athletic shorts" =)

    Hope you have a great Easter weekend!


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