Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Sneak Peek!

I wanted to give you guys another little sneak peek of what's to come!!  I am so happy it is Friday and the weather is beautiful.  I have been working out on the spin bike this week and it has done wonders for my shin splints!  Can't wait to get my run on next week.  We have another photoshoot tomorrow so it will be a busy weekend.

Any fun plans for the weekend? 

Happy Friday!!!



  1. Taking a two hour yoga class tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully a long bike ride at some point and a run!

  2. The 2 hour yoga class sounds divine! What a great weekend plan! Enjoy!

  3. Hope you had fun on your photo shoot!
    My family took part in the Mother's Day Classic - a run or walk raising money for breast cancer. It was a great day :)


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