Thursday, July 5, 2012

NYCRUNS Firecracker10k

Hope you guys all had a great 4th of July!!  It's a little weird having to go back to a regular work day today and yesterday I was dreading it but when I woke up this morning I had no problems getting back at it!

I ran the NYCRUNS Firecracker10k yesterday and it was a lot of fun!  HOT! But a lot of fun!  We made this little video after the race.

So tomorrow Heather and I are starting a 5 day juice cleanse.  I have never done a cleanse before but have always wanted to try it so I am going to do an arms workout today and then stick to mostly yoga and stretching during my fast.

How was your 4th?



  1. i saw your workout skirts at cotter crunch this morning & am digging them a lot. so tempted & just eying which color suits me.
    p.s. the song on your video is one of my FAVORITES! cool video & glad you enjoyed your race.

    1. Thanks Girl!!

      Yes the race was a lot of fun. My first time ever doing a 4th of July/holiday race. Think I will do them more often!

  2. Hey...I am interested in hearing about how that fast you love in NYC? I was just there last week to see Norah Jones in central park...I live out east on Long Island!

    Hope you had a great 4th of July race! Very cute running skirt!

  3. love that race! too fun! and good luck with the cleanse. woo!

  4. Good luck with the cleanse! Hope it's going well.

  5. HEYA! You haven't blogged in a while but just wanted to stop by and say hi :)

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