Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of the World

Hmmmm.... where to begin.  Oh yes, I know.  HOT yoga = NEVER AGAIN!  That's right folks.  I tried it again yesterday thinking maybe it wouldn't be as bad as the first time and just maybe I would be a little better. Boy was I wrong!  I nearly passed out more than once.  My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest.  Never again people.  I am happy with my other Vinyasa class anyways at Hosh Yoga, much more my thing.

After that I decided I was not going to let my near death experience ruin my day.  So I put on a happy face and went about my work...

This is what I like to call my C&C Snack.  I seriously could eat a whole thing of cottage cheese in one day but I try really hard not too.  But I will say I probably finished off half.

Ah back to work, I have been working on this dress for the past day or so and I finally put it all together.  First off I will say this is stiff muslin that I used and the actual dress with be made from a washed silk/cotton blend.  Way more relaxed and light weight.  So this dress is looking a little stiff.  I am making adjustments.  I don't like the collar or the pleating in the back, so I am changing it.

Before I finished correcting my pattern, I had the usual salad of the day.  Nothing to write home about but I like it and it's fast.  Oh and after I had a dark chocolate square.

Pattern DONE!!  Ready to move onto the next!

Oh yeah, I made the collar bigger as you can see below.  Not that this is super exciting to read about but for the moment that is all I was thinking about for the day.

 Scott made it home and we were off to dinner.  We love going to this pizza place called Fornino.  It is just up the street but we decided to change it up!  We headed a few more blocks into Brooklyn for Motorino.  Can I just say, it is true.  NY is home to some of the best pizza.  It was sooooo good.  Scott's calzone was huge!

Now to our last day here on earth.  Well that's what everyone is saying right??   Because it was my last day I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to run another 20 miler.  (It's my last one before the marathon!!) So I got an early start and headed out.  I didn't post have of the food I ate yesterday.  I seriously ate way too much and I was feeling it the entire time.  This 20 miler was tough.  Even after the first mile I had to stop and squat(not bathroom, just squatting).  It helps my tummy relax.  I was thinking how am I going to do this.   Just the thought of GU was making me sick.  In fact all I could get down were 3 shot bloks at mile 5.6 and mile 14.5.  That's it!  Just water.  I was feeling it.  I was just dreading, dreading, dreading this run.

Hello New Jersey!

The only thing that got me through was going a 10 min pace and counting in my head like this.  Only 5 more miles to 10 and then I get to turn around and go home.  This went on the entire time.  When it was 10 and I could head back it was like this... only 9 more miles and then I am home! Finally home!

The police are in full force today because it is the end of the world.  They were everywhere during my run.  I mean people get crazy ideas in their head and all hell can break loose.  In fact on my way back over the bridge there was a man holding onto the the fence on the OTHER SIDE trying to jump!  There where police and tons of people trying to get him to change his mind.  I was going to take a picture for you guys but just couldn't.  I felt too bad to take a picture of this poor man trying to end his life.  It was so sad that I began to cry as I kept running.  I know, why would I cry but it was just sad thinking this guy wanted to end his life.  I am guessing he thought it was the end of the world but in that case, why not just wait till it all ends.

But I am not worried because my husband Scott has these cards!!  So we are in the clear.  Unfortunately I don't have enough for my family so they are on their own.  Hehe...

For the rest of my day I plan to do laundry and take in some R&R for my last moments here on earth.

How about you?  Any fun plans for the day? 


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  1. I feel the overeating problem for sure! But awesome on the 20 miles. Iwas counting miles today too! But yea, I am still demolishing food like it is my job today. hahaToday I plan on resting my knee and not getting off the couch.

  2. I'm so impressed with your dress making!!

  3. Hot yoga is definitely KILLER!!

  4. You're the first blogger I've known to actually admit to not liking hot yoga, woohoo for being unique!! I've never tried it..but being a yoga instructor, I can imagine it wouldn't be very comfortable to teach either!

  5. wowza I am DYING over that dress. loving that food too.

  6. I'm the exact same way. If I have a bad night of eating, there is no way I can get up and do a long run without wanting to rip my organs out! Amazing that you got through it!!

    I also cannot get into yoga...that's probably who I'm still unable to touch my toes. ha.

  7. Hi! Thanks for the comment! :) Your salad looks delicious! Making me hungry! And that dress is so pretty (and will be even better when it's made up in the real fabric I bet!) I am not creative enough for things like that and I am so impressed by people who have a talent for it!

    As for Thor - it's quite "Superman" -like. If you like that kind of thing with an added sprinkling of abs and flowing blonde hair then you will love it! x

  8. People either love hot yoga or they hate it, lol. I've been addicted since my first class. Kudos for at least giving it a second try!

    Great run! Excellent way to spend your last day on earth ;)

  9. Yeah, I'm personally terrified of hot yoga. I can't even function in a car with no air or windows opened. Heh.

  10. I also don't loooooove hot yoga. I went a couple times and it was fun during the freezing winter when it was sub-zero outside but now that it's warming up? Miserable. I'll stick with regular yoga (and I actually do it in my living room).

    Glad the world didn't end!! I have too many fun things planned for the summer! ;-)

  11. Teehee! I wish monopoly cards (and money) really could work... I'd be rich! Rich! (Or I'd at least have a couple thousand more dollars to my name...)

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you try hot yoga again sometime, I happen to really enjoy it. I'll admit the first couple times it was tough to get used to, but it's SO good once you do.


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