Thursday, May 5, 2011

Too Many Choices?

So this fall is coming up and I have not yet chosen a marathon to run. If I were able to run all the marathons I want I would need pretty much all the money in the world and an entire lifetime.  Every month when Runners World magazine shows up on my doorstep I find at least one more marathon I would like to run.

Let's see.... there is the Rock'n'Roll marathons that are all over the country, the Disney Goofy Challenge, the International California Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Twin Cities Marathon (seeing as how I am from MN), the Scranton Marathon (I am a BIG fan of the TV show, The Office), NYC, Boston(hopefully someday...), Marine Corps. marathon. And really I could also go International: Paris, London, Sydney...

(If I do make it to Sydney some day, I'd love to go to the opera house and take a tour. I would also like to see some great white sharks and definitely visit the Australia Zoo to see Steve Irwin's Family.... Whose with me?!?)

Listed below are a few of the marathons I am considering for this Fall/Winter. Let me know if you know anything about them. Did you run it? How was it? Were you well taken care of? Was it hot, cold? Really any information you have concerning them would be greatly appreciated.

Arizona Rock'n'Roll
Myrtle Beach Marathon
International California Marathon

Also, on a side note. Today I went for my 2nd 20 miler for this upcoming marathon. I am happy to say it felt WAY better then the last one. Of course, the last one I ended up coming down with the Flu that same evening so I was really hoping this one would feel better. I also decided to do the last 16 miles at marathon pace. I realize this many miles at pace can be debatable... but I am over it, I needed a good boost of confidence.  So if I don't run as fast this Saturday at club, who cares.....

Also, when I was running the last two miles I was asking myself these types of questions.

Could I hold this pace for 6 more miles?
How are my legs?
How is my breathing? (I was very aware of my annoying breathing the entire time because I ran the whole thing with NO headphones.... although I had friends with me up until the last 2 miles=) YAY for friends. I love you guys)

And I came to the conclusion that I might actually be able to hold it. But then again, you never know. I am sure my mind will get the better of me at points but hopefully all this training, practicing and whatever else will come in handy and help me get through it.

WHO KNOWS!!!! I guess we shall see and I am sure you will all hear about it when I finish ;)

Happy Running -Jen


  1. Hey Jen, Good luck choosing your marathon, as a southern girl (living in Charlotte, NC), I would not recommend the Myrtle Beach Marathon, because we have had some strange snow weather in the last few years and I wouldn't want to take the chance that it might snow on that weekend. If it were me I would pick the rock n roll marathon! I am really wanting to try one of their half marathons!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment Missy! That is just the kind of information I am looking for =)


  3. Ohhh! Excited to see which marathon you choose :) I am running RnR vegas in December and have heard such good things about those races...I cant wait!


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