Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Traveling to the M_N

Yay, I am so excited that I am headed to MN today!  I did all my packing last night so I wouldn't forget anything.  I really don't like checking a bag so I have mastered the art of the carry on.  I seriously love carrying my bag on.  It saves so much time and stress.  I have lost my bag a couple of times (luckily they found it) but it still puts a damper on the trip.

I am going for a whole week.  It will be so great because I will get to workout with my sister Heather.  All of my workouts, I do alone.  While most of the time I don't mind it, it is just during the long runs that it would be nice to have a buddy.

So this is what I am bringing...

 My running gear is always super important to have for trips that I know I will be running. Garmin, Gu, Spi Belt, Garmin charger, Running shoes, workout clothes. Arm band warmer things.(apparently it snowed there yesterday??) and my Ipod Shuffle.

 Gu!  I will be doing a long run while I am there and must bring the flavors I like.  You never know if you will be able to find it.  It took me a long time to warm up to Gu so now I make sure I always have my favorites on hand.


Good reading material.  I seriously love my kindle.  It is so great to just keep my books on it.  I will say there are still some books I would rather read in paper back. But if it is a fictional book, it is going on my kindle.  I just started The Paris Wife

Snack for the plane.  Is anyone else totally annoyed by what the airlines have to offer these days?!  And if you do want something good you have to pay $5-$10 for it.
Totally Lame.

This is the duffel.  It is great because I can just strap it on like a back pack.  It is hard to tell in the picture but it has a rectangle shape to it.

 Don't worry guys, I packed all my other clothes too, I just only felt the need to show you my running stuff.

Do you have certain things you have to travel with?

Do you carry on?

Do you bring snacks on the plane?  If so what do you bring?

Do you workout when you go home to visit family?

Hope to have some great pix from the trip and will post later.



  1. I have been contemplating the Kindle...I was just reading up on it and I was amazed that it said that it stored 3500 books! Crazy! But I haven't decided if I want to take the plunge and get one or not. I am a big reader so it would be a good investment but then some books aren't featured on there either...decisions decisions. Have fun on your trip!

  2. I LOVE to run when I go home...just because it is so nice to run in new places to switch it up a bit. When I travel I always carry my water bottle, extra crystal light packets and chex mix. I usually pack my lunch if I am flying mid-day as well...just to save money :) OH. and I definitely always carry on unless I am traveling with the pup. I was excited to know that you like the jet blackberry gu! I just bought some but have not tried it yet :) have an awesome trip!

  3. Carrying on is def. the way to go. Saves so much stress and time! Airplane food and snacks are a joke now so I always bring my own food. Fruit, PB sammiches, crackers..anything light especially if it's a flight where I am sitting for a long time. Happy running with your sister!


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