Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to taper and my long weekend.

I hope you guys all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!  I had such a great time in Cape May,  We laid on the beach, ate good food, went to a movie, ate more good food and oh yeah I did go running one day.  I got up early Saturday morning and went 4 miles to the beach.  I could have ran back to the campground but I just wasn't feeling it.  So this is me below before we headed out.  We pack everything on the bike, including our tent and a blow up mattress :)  It took us about 3.5 hours to get there.  Yep my bum was sore from sitting on that little bike seat for so long.

Like I mentioned above we ate some great food.  For some reason I only took a picture of my breakfasts.  Saturday morning I had granola with yogurt and fruit.  It was a perfect way to start my trip. Sunday I had the best oatmeal I think I have ever had.  It was oatmeal with chopped nuts, topped with sliced banana and cinnamon.  I don't understand why it was so good.  Something about the oatmeal was different than what I am used to buying.  I am going to get to the bottom of this.  I made mine at home with water and maybe this one was made with milk. 

No trip would be complete without dessert.  I mean this town had ice cream available to you on every block.  Scott loves ice cream so most of the time I would nibble off of his but this time I just got my own.  Almond Joy flavor.  Please excuse our winded and dirty look. We have not showered for 2 days now and have been riding around on a bike.  Oh yeah and definitely no make up!

One of our favorite things to do on camping trips is to hit up the garage sales.  Look what we found for a dollar!  It kept us entertained the rest of the trip!

Now to the matter at hand.  How do you taper?? In the past I have really dropped my training down and this time I feel like I am still running too many miles before my race?  At my peak I got up to 48 miles and now I just don't know how much to drop off before my race?  I want my legs to be rested but I am not sure how rested?  Any suggestions?  I posted my training plan below.  It is really itty bitty so I will give you a recap..

Week 16- 33 miles total with a long run at 15 miles
Week 17- 33 miles total with a long run at 13 miles
Race Week - Sunday- rest
                    Monday- 10 miles easy
                    Tuesday - Tracy Anderson (PS I am going to be doing a post about this soon)
                    Wednesday - 8 miles easy and Yoga
                    Thursday - Rest
                    Friday - 2 miles easy
                    Saturday- RACE

I am just wondering if 33 miles a week is too many before my race?  Anyone have a plan that they loved and thought worked?  Maybe I am over anaylizing this but as I am sure many of you racers know that your conscience will slowly creep in and you will begin to think..."Am I running too much? Do I feel and injury?  Does my knee hurt?  Am I not running enough?"  Yes, all of these thoughts are now coming into effect.

So let me know!  I would love to hear what works for you?

Also, when you make oatmeal do you use water or milk? Or almond milk?

What kind of oats do you buy?



  1. I use steel cut oats and water, but sometimes will stir some yogurt in them when I've finished making them. Steel cut oats are denser and chewier - delicious!

  2. Those are pretty breakfasts!
    I think I do my last long run a week before my race and then I don't run for 2 days before the race - at all. So, I'll keep up shorter runs until 2 days prior. That usually leaves me nice and rested and ready to go. :-)

  3. I haven't run a race long enough to really need to taper but I've heard it's the hardest part of training, or can be at least. I guess becuase you're so used to running all the time that taking that many rests days is mentally hard to do? I don't know, but can see why that may be true.

    Anyway, looks like a great vacation in Cape May! I love that Brain Quest thing- I used to play with those all the time!!

    Hope this comment works! haha

  4. Impressed with your biking!! Mmm, that ice cream sounds delicious!

  5. I eat quick oats mixed with water---so boring, but I add in so many toppings it hardly matters!
    I used to have those Brain Quest things, my parents bought them for us kids on road trips. So funny!

  6. I use quick oats with water as well, usually topped with maple syrup and hemp seeds, and sometimes banana when I'm feeling a little crazy!

    That training plan looks pretty mile-heavy compared to other ones I have seen/used. I'm probably not the best person to answer though, considering I injured myself during tapering for a marathon last year. I would say follow it if your legs feel good! If not, then drop the mileage. I'm sure you will kill it on race day either way :)

  7. In my opinion, you race week mileage is HIGH. My last few weeks for Fargo were this, I only run 4 days a week though- and I'll throw another lower mileage run in if I want to):
    (week 15 was my last 20 miler and totaled 45 miles)
    16: 5, 8, 5, 12
    17: 4, 6, 4, 8
    18 (race week): 3, 4, 3, race

  8. I agree with Maia. The week before a marathon, I cut back to 28 mpw (your week 17). For race week I do 5 on Tue, 4 on Wed, and 3 on Fri. That's it. I've always done this the week before a marathon and it always works for me.

  9. I think you mileage is fine as long as they are super easy runs, recovery runs. But I'd for sure back off the last few days and keep those feet up. Love the breakfast and dessert. Best meals in my opinion!

  10. I'm drooling all over my keyboard looking at that oatmeal!!

  11. I apologize for the non-training question, but where did you get those cool pants in the first photo??


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