Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My day

I started my day out thinking this will be the last day that I drink a diet soda until after the marathon.  So in honor of this day I decided to have one on my morning school run.  It was good.  

After the school run my wonderful babysitter came over so that I could work out.  Went to Kinetic Edge.  It was super hard like always.  Love it there.

Since my knee is still bugging a little, my big sis told me it might be my shoes.  So headed down to Run and Fun and of course got some new shoes.  I told them about my pain as well and they think that I have runners knee from overuse and sold me some kind of knee wrap thing.   Anyone else use one?? Does it really help?

Since the weather is so hot right now... which I love... I picked up my boys and headed to the pool.  My wonderful niece Sabrina is here for a while and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Love this girl and it was a great afternoon hanging with her doing nothing but enjoying the weather.  Since the race is so soon I am really trying to enjoy not running so much.  I am not sure why some people think it is so hard to just rest!   I love it.

My evening was filled with dance and then I went to a Stretch Intervention.  I took pictures too but my battery died as I was uploading the pictures so you will all have to wait until Friday to see what that was all about.  I am sure you will all be dying to know how it went.  

I am really hoping that my knee gets better before the big day.  When I ran Saturday I went 9 miles and it was a little painful.  Not bad where I could not run on it but enough pain that I would not want to run 26 miles like that.  Anyone else have runners knee??  Any good tips or tricks I should know about?


And I decided that I am not giving up diet soda.  Will limit it as I usually do, just now I am going to try to drink even more water than normal during the day.


  1. I'd just see if the new shoes help. If your knee is still hurting after a few runs, try the knee bands. I know my legs get sore and more painful when my shoes need to be switched over. I don't want you to have to use knee bands if you don't need to!

  2. it's so hot here! glad you are enjoying time by the pool! I've had runner's knee- hopefully it will be fixed by new shoes, but make sure you break them in before grandma's.
    also- I love coke. and I don't give it up before races...like you said, just increase your water intake :)

  3. I agree with girlevolving.com, I would only use the straps as a temporary 'fix', not permanent.

    For me, I went to a doctor and he determined my knee was going in as I was running and that was causing the pain and discomfort.

    He had me do resistance band exercises to straighten out my knee.

    After two weeks, I didn't have to wear the knee brace anymore.

  4. I got runners knee right before my 1st marathon. The week before I had a painful 13 mile run so I decided to not run at all the week before. Thankfully my knee was fine on race day. Hope the new shoes help and so do the knee bands. I also agree with girlevolving, my legs hurt when my shoes need to be replaced.

  5. Good for you not drinking the soda until after the race I am pretty sure I couldn't stick to that even for a few days :).
    I don't know anything about knee problems but hope you feel better!

  6. Hi! I am new to your blog! :) I've used the patella band...I had IT band issues...in my experience it bought me some time before the pain set in. Hopefully it'll ward off any pain during your upcoming marathon. Good luck!

  7. You know what? Sometimes I feel that we "health nuts" are all about denting ourselves things (carbs, sugar, soda, etc.). I doubt a few diet sodas a week are going to make or break anything....so you enjoy your diet soda if it makes you happy girl!!!!
    Sincerely- A diet coke drinker

  8. I've tried to give up Diet Soda, but I can'tttt. I enjoy it too much :D

    I agree with what Emily ^ said :D

  9. Seeing those squats makes me cringe!! I love working my legs..but my one day with the personal trainer having me do those had my legs SCREAMING for days after!

  10. That workout looks so hardcore! And the pool looks super inviting :)

    Hope the shoes work out! I'm thinking I need a new fitting soon...


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