Monday, July 25, 2011

6 Days until my First Sprint Triathlon

To start this post I must say how totally bummed I was to miss the Warrior Dash. BOO. From now on I will make it to that race. They were having way too much fun without me.....

Now onto whats next. T-minus 6 days until my first Sprint Tri. I am not nervous at all which is very unlike me. If on race day I all of a sudden have to take 5 trips to the bathroom to makeup for all of this lost time of not being nervous I will not be surprised. 

I am still debating on what kind of clothing to wear. I don't have a tri suit and I'd rather not buy one. (yet ;)) I am trying to decide if I should wear tri shorts after my swim or just throw on running shorts? I am on the fence. I don't really think my rear end will hurt from only going 12 miles on the bike but at the same time I have become quite accustomed to bike shorts and have kind of fallen in love with the extra padding.

Workouts this week:

Monday: My 5 mile tempo with 2.5@ 7:30 pace. Wish me luck. I am really hoping it doesn't feel as hard as it did last time. 

Tuesday: Another hilly bike ride.  I am loving the hills on the bike.  Challenging and refreshing. I will fit in a Strength training session as well.

This is me on my bike =) Going for rides out here is so pretty. I love the mountains.

This is one of my bestest buds Amber who joined me that day.  She is totally awesome and extra speedy. I always use how far away in the distance she is from me to gage how well I am doing(with both running and biking). If she is too far away, I am really slacking off. If I can hear her breathing I must be smokin' because she only knows one speed and it is full throttle. I love it, she makes me wanna do better.

After one workout last week I was able to come home and get another workout by blowing up this crazy huge ball so Peter would have something to do all afternoon.  
I am surprised I didn't pass out. It was huge and took forever!!

He did end up having hours of fun so it was worth it =)

Wednesday: 1600m+ swim followed by transition practice. I went to a meeting about the Tri last week and they talked a lot about transitions. Who knew there was so much thought into how you switch from one sport to the next.  But here is a quick run down on what you would want on the way to your tri.. 
  1. Towel
  2. Sunblock
  3. Goggles
  4. Swim Suit
  5. Socks
  6. Running Shoes (with the shoe strings in that you don't need to tie)
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Biking shoes
  9. Biking Shorts OR running shorts...... I am on the fence?
  10. Helmet
  11. Refueling Food
  12. Bike
  13. Running Tank (something to throw on over your swimsuit if you choose)
  14. Race Number Belt
Is this list long enough? I dunno, I always overpack anywhoo so I will definitely be taking a picture of my bag on the way to this Sprint Tri... I am sure I will look like I am going out for an overnighter.

Thursday: Easy 12 miler and some easy strength stuff.

Friday: OFF or maybe a short easy swim?

Saturday: Sprint Tri here I come.  I wonder how I'll do......send me good vibes that day because we all know I need them.

Last night I made a delicious steak salad for dinner and because I had spent the better part of the previous day cleaning the kitchen I decided to dirty my kitchen up as little as possible. So I had my husband take out his portion and then just finished off the rest right outta the container I bought the greens in =) Delicious. This salad has a variety of lettuce, carrots, cucumber, steak, craisins, onion, parma cheese, goat cheese and steak.

Heres to a good week! and hopefully a race on Saturday that goes better then my last one... -Jen

Who else overpacks when getting ready for race day?

Does anyone ever wear Tri Shorts?
I guess they are shorts you can put on with cushion but not quite as much cushion as normal bike shorts so running in them feels ok?

Who else doesn't like to dirty dishes if they don't have to?
For a long time I'd go to great lengths to not dirty hardly anything in my kitchen... the less mess the better. But these days I go in spurts.

Who owns a pair of those shoe strings you don't tie? Is there a specific brand you like?


  1. Good luck with the TRI! That is one thing that would be SO difficult for me if I were ever to do a Tri, all of the things that you have to bring. I would forget something for sure! I'm just have such a hard time remembering everything that I need, you don't need have that stuff for running and I STILL manage to forget something on race day!

  2. You're gonna ROCK the sprint race!!

  3. Ok 2 things for you. I have only done 2 triathlons and have my third coming up in sept. so I am no expert by any means but I will say that you are not on your bike long enough to really need to wear biking shorts but I usually wear them. I do want to buy the biking shorts that you can swim in as well so it really cuts down time on your transition. The other thing is that I have the shoe bungee things and that REALLY helps when you are trying to transition. I just bought mine at a running shoe store. But it helps to not have to tie your shoes. Another thing I just thought of is when my husband does a tri he hates to wear socks. He says it is super hard to get them on when you have wet feet. So I did my first tri without socks and I got the worst blister. So I would prefer to take the extra 20-30 seconds and put socks on then get a blister. Hopefully I am not rambling and some of this will help you. Good luck. You will do awesome!

  4. Thanks so much Kristin! I really need all the help I can get.

    I wondered about the blister situation..... because at the tri meeting they talked about similar stuff.


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