Saturday, July 23, 2011

Warrior Dash Conquered!

We survived and conquered the Warrior Dash!  It turned out to be a sunny morning with the rain holding off until about 11 AM.  We had to drive in, park and then take a bus to the starting line.

James (my brother)
Melanie (James's wife)
Sabrina(their oldest child)
Bryan(Heather's husband)
Sarah (ME)

After the first quarter mile the course went straight up hill.  The air was super thick and humid and it was a killer.  We had to climb over cars, jump over smaller walls and then duck under barbed wire.  Climb more walls.  Crawl through a black tent, climb over ropes, more hills!  Lots of hills actually.  Slide down a hill, jump over fire (twice) then swim through mud under more barbed wire to get to the finish line.

We had a BLAST!!  This will definitely be a race that we will be doing every year.  Distance: 3miles Time: Unknown and who cares :)

Melanie and Sabrina

Heather and Bryan

James and Me

Before the race, don't we look so nice and clean!

More fun pix.

After the race!  MUDDY

Sabrina and Mel


Unfortunately Bryan was too speedy and was completely washed off before we met up with him so we didn't get his picture.

Cons:  They need way more spray water at the end to wash off.  There was only 1 large water sprayer but there were too many people who needed it so we were all jammed together trying to get clean.

Pros: Everything Else!!

If you haven't signed up for your Warrior Dash yet I highly recommend it!!

Happy Weekend!



  1. You guys look awesome in your muddy "after" pictures. I've still never done a mud run--one day!

  2. Ahhhhhh this looks like so much fun!!! I love the outfits (clean, pre-race!) and the medals are amazing!!!

  3. Y'all look great! That looks like a blast.

  4. Awesome! I loved Warrior Dash!

  5. That looks like a GREAT time! I've known a few people who have done them and they love it!!

  6. Love your pics!!!! You are so hard core :) All of you!

  7. that looks like so much fun!!

  8. So fun! Love the pics! I'm really interested in trying out one of these warrior dash/mud runs!

  9. I wonder if there is one of those here in Brisbane? It looks like so much fun!!


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