Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Exercise is Contagious

Do your kids beg you to go for a run when you get home from one or is it just my kids?  I really think that exercise can be contagious.  Every time I get home my kids run up to me and beg to go for a run.  We even had to go to Target and get them "running clothes".  I really love that I am setting such a good example for them.  And I really do think that no matter who you love or are around wither it be at home, school, work.. where ever you are, telling people how much you love to move and groove is really a great example.  And you never know.. you could change someones life. 

These four went out for a run when Sarah and I got back from ours on the day she left. ( Sorry Scott... I know your eyes are closed in both pictures but they were the only ones I took... and it was very bright out)

Any of your kids running?  Are there even races for kids?  I should really look into that.


  1. My son always wants to run with me but then he gets tired and doesn't want to do it anymore lol! Anyway, I actually have him signed up for a couple of fun runs. He is 9 years old and some of the events that I am signed up for offer a One Mile Fun Run for the kids. Disneyland offers a great one too! This will be his first time trying it but it will be exciting since they also get medals. He really wants a medal. Nice looking family. Take Care!

  2. LOVE THIS! Your family is absolutely adorable. :)

  3. Super cute! My kids tell me they want to run with me when they get bigger. Every night before I go out to run they both ask, "How many miles mommy?" (They are 3 and 5.)

    Target has some super cute running clothes for little girls... I'm kinda jealous I can't fit in them myself.

  4. Best family photo ever! I love that you're all so active, and share that passion with your kids!

  5. What an adorable family! My two-year-old loves to try and exercise with me too. I have a funny video of him on my blog trying to do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred with me. You might get a kick out of that since you can relate. I have a tall husband named Scott too. We have something else in common! :) There is a little race coming up around where I live for 0-3 year olds. I am so excited to put my little guy in it. He will love it!

  6. This is AMAZING! You are setting lifelong examples for your kids- I am so happy to see this as a PE teacher! And YES- there are races for kids! Even triathlon races!
    Your kids are ADORABLE... and oh my God, you look like you could be their sister!!!

  7. cutest picture ever. i love this. love the difference laces!!


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