Saturday, August 13, 2011

Heather is on the Road, via Instagram =)

Heather asked me to post these pics of her while she is out and about.  Who doesn't love a good Instagram post! Plus, we love all you bloggers out there =)

Heather and Bryan heading out for a great road adventure. 12 hrs in the car Friday, Saturday wedding, 12 hrs in the car Sunday. Typically when Heather is off and on a vaca I get jealous, but this time.....not so much.

Luckily, they brought some healthy snacks.  

Not too many things beat bananas covered in peanut butter. Delish.

Traffic on the way.... Has anyone seen Star Trek? Can Scottie please beam you up. That looks miserable.

Finally! Arriving at the hotel just in time to see this cutie pie. That Oreo cookie looks way to delicious. I may have to add them to my grocery list.

One thing I am jealous of is this Fro Yo stop.  Looks Amazing.

Here is Heather in all her posing glory getting ready to head out for a run. Some of the best runs happen while on vacation. 

We miss you Heath. Take it easy, enjoy your time away and then drive home safe!  Love, Jen

Anyone else traveling this weekend?

What is the worst part of traveling for you?
-For me the actual traveling part is the worst. I have no patience for traffic, delays, and air terrorists.  Gives me anxiety.

Anyone else indulge in some Fro Yo Lately?
Me, not for a few days... I might have to make it a treat tonight =) 


  1. When traveling, I hate the traffic stops and random construction you run into. I also HATE it when you get lost!

  2. I love travelling! The only bad part is coming home usually :) And being away from my family.


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