Friday, August 12, 2011

The Weak Link

I finally bought some track shoes!  Technically they are not "track shoes" they are minimalist shoes which is what I was really looking for.  I wanted a shoe that was light weight and that I could move fast in.  Because they have no support or cushioning I have to be very careful when breaking them in.   They are the Mizuno Wave Universe 4s.

I plan to run one mile on the track once a week for starters.  I will do this when I am doing my track workouts.  Yes it will be a pain to carry an extra pair of shoes and have to change into them but I think it will be totally worth it.  I have been wearing extremely flat shoes all my life and do believe in what barefoot running has to offer.  I just can't get past the 5 finger shoes. Just too weird for me so this is the next best thing!! Keep in mind it could take me up to a whole year to get adjusted.

Next up, yes I have realized that I am the weak link in the family.  Last summer I could do a pull up or two and when I was just in CO with my sisters we tried doing pull ups.  Heather could do one and Jen had no problems what so ever doing a few and then it was my turn.  I COULDN'T DO ONE PULL UP!!! What has happened to me.  Last summer I was doing P90X like a mad women and since I started doing Tracy Anderson I never do arms anymore.  Don't be fooled, I know I look like I have nice tone arms but really they are SO WEAK! So I have decided it is time to switch it up again.

I have heard really good things about the workout video Insanity. I really need to switch it up.  In fact after Jen's total body conditioning class my arms were sore for 3 days which just shows you how weak I have really become.  Lifting 10 lbs weights was hard.  So this morning I did P90X Back and Biceps with my 10 pounders.  It felt good and got me pumped for my next workout challenge.

Have you guys tried Insanity?

How do you keep your strength up?

Anyone tried the Mizuno's yet?

Tomorrow I have my long run, 20 miles at 9:00 pace.  Woot! I am excited that it is at 9 min and not 8:45 :)

Happy Friday!


  1. I have Insanity and I absolutely love it! It has helped my running so much and I am in great shape because of it. I highly recommend buying it

  2. Yay for the new shoes!! You will like them but definitely ease into them. I got a pair of racing flats about 6 weeks ago and started doing too much too fast and it killed my calves. Now that I am used to them I love them and run about 6 miles a week in them.

  3. I need to work on my arms too--I did the 100 push-up challenge and while back and I felt super strong...but then of course I slacked and now I'm back to square one!

  4. I finished Insanity! It's an incredible workout, but I would recommend only adding it to your regular running routine rather than doing the whole program on its own and forgetting about running. I had some great results though and would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

  5. Those shoes look super, super minimal. Good luck with that - when I first read this, I thought you had gotten all hardcore with some track cleats. Heh.


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