Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Love and Fall Training

Workouts this week have been great. Monday was Total Conditioning, Tuesday was running club and Wednesday was a rest/laundry day.....

Today I am heading out the door here in a few to get in 9 or so miles on some new trails with some friends.  Should be good. Friday I am going to either swim or bike followed by a 5k time trial this Saturday. For some reason I am not nervous yet for my 5k time trial. I am about to start training for my fall/winter marathon. (California International Marathon, Dec. 4th) So although I already have an idea of what I am shooting for (finish in 3:40 or faster....), I am wondering how ready I am to go for that goal. I am going to use this 5k as sort of an indicator on how much fitness I either gained from recovering from my last marathon or lost.....who knows. But either way, I am going to head out as scheduled on the FIRST training plan. Same as Sarah. 

But, I want to be sure I have finished up my summer with all the things summer can bring.  Who loves Smores'. ME.

I was able to get in some good summer lovin' and visits with family. Who else loves hanging out with the cutest nieces and nephews in the world? I do. I feel SO lucky to have them. 

Look at these amazing cousins. This is Samantha, Autumn and Allae and Colton. Now, check out what they can do!!! Great workout.


Despite the fact these crazy talented kids looked totally in control. I was nervous taking the pictures.... you guys are awesome.  Maybe you can teach me sometime?

Plenty of stops at my favorite place to get Fried Shrimp. LOVE YOU GRAMPS. (one of his favorite spots.)

And lots of working out with my family. Heather is into posing a lot lately. So I do my best to look ready and rockstarish but she is obviously much better at it....

So now that summer is winding down. Whats next?  For me, the marathon and that is about it. I will continue to cross train more and run 3 days a week and hopefully get faster..

Whats next for you?

Any fall/winter races?

Anyone else running California International?

What are some of your favorite summer foods?

Have a great week all!  -Jen


  1. Fall is always my busiest race time, especially Oct and Nov, then I get the blues after that, no races and just the holidays, can hardly figure out what to do with myself.

    That might be the best smores pic I've ever seen.

  2. Looks so fun! I always get saddened by the phrase, "Summer is winding down". Makes me want to scream NOOOOO! Can you tell I love summer!? My fav summer indulgence is fried clams! Yum!!

    Fall is my racing time. Love the weather! I have a few half marys on tap!

  3. I've still got about 3-4 more months of summer so I guess I get to eat more smore's right? Sorry to hear about your grandpa. Sounds like he left a legacy of great kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. I'm sure he is very proud. Love you guys.

  4. Fun pictures!! I wish that summer would never end.

  5. lookin good. i love smores. i feel like i have been having soo many this summer. does nto get better until i found friendly's smore icecream roll at the supermarket the other day. can't wait to dig into that puppy!

  6. Heather is one fantastic poser, haha!
    You're really making me want smores. Can you believe my husband has never tried them in his entire life? I have to change that!


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