Thursday, June 14, 2012

Death by Stairs and a Birthday

This past weekend Jenny had to make a quick trip to MN.  Sad to say that the reason she came was a sad one but in the rush to get here so booked two one way tickets from Denver to Minneapolis.  Which was great for me.  Her trip was going to be so short that I wasn't even going to see her but since the mix up we got to spend all day Monday together.  And even better we got in a great workout.  The city we grew up in has some great sets of stairs.  Combine doing a couple sets of each set of stairs along with a few 5 miles it turns into a great workout.  Since having the 5th child I have been really trying to get my mileage built back up.  And it sure is tough.  Love being able to workout with my sisters as much as possible.
( this is one of the sets that we ran)

Nothing better then an after workout picture in the car

Also this week my oldest turned 11.  Wow how times flies by... one of her biggest requests for her birthday was to stay up until 11:57.. the time of her birth.  So we did and it was late.  I was super tired which made me feel very old.  She totally loved staying up that late and we had a little celebration.

Well off to another day.  It is storming here this morning and I must say I love a morning storm in the summer.  Makes everyone in such a calm mood.  Not the usual rush of wanting to run out and play.  

Love taking pictures of my oldest holding my youngest.. nothing better...

What are you all up to today?  I was going to take everyone out for a light run this morning but the rain has kept us inside in our PJs... maybe this after noon we will head out.


  1. you must frame that picture! its a keeper. Love the sibling love!!

  2. How do you run with all your kids?! What jogging stroller do you have?

  3. Beautiful photos of your kids! That set of stairs looks pretty intimidating, although I kind of wish we had some around here so I could make my sister run them with me :)


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